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Jodha Akbar: 5th February, Jalal Confessed Love To Jodha, Saves Her!

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Jodha Akbar 5th February written episode: Akbar comes to Jodha’s chamber and reminisces old moments, the moments of argument with Jodha, regarding God and religion. He sits in front of Lord Krishna and prays for Jodha’s life. Hamida Begum consoles her.

In Ajmer, Jodha’s grandmother wakes from a bad dream about Jodha. She believes that it is an indication of some danger. She rushes to the Kali temple and prays for Jodha’s well being. Rukaiya’s attendant Hoshier asks her why she is so worried for Jodha. Rukaiya tells him that she used to hate Jodha, but it is for her she has not become a widow; so she must pray for Jodha’s life. Akbar appeals to the common people, to pray for their Jodha Begum’s life.

The Hakim Saheba applies the last method of treatment on Jodha. It is the heat treatment in which the poison will come out of body when the body is kept in a high temperature. Jodha’s body is placed above a heated cauldron and the poison keeps coming out of her mouth. The doctor keeps wiping her mouth.

After treatment Jodha is again taken to the chamber where she was kept after the poison attack. The doctor tells Akbar that she has put her best effort but there is not much improvement. She tells that now prayer can show more effect than medicine. Akbar orders to vacate the room. Everyone, even Hamida Begum and Rukaiya Begum leave Akbar alone with Jodha.

Akbar speaks to Jodha, who is lying unconscious, her face and lips discoloured due to the horrible attack of poison. Akbar tells her that she must come back to life. She has taken away death from Akbar, now the life he is living, is given by her. He cannot live the life without her.

Akbar, who has forever claimed that he has no heart, now utters that Jodha has made him feel the existence of heart—the heart in which he has strong love for Jodha. Akbar appeals to Jodha from the core of his heart. And his appeal shows miracle—Jodha’s fingers and lips tremble, giving signal of her recovery.

Jalal Confesses His Love To Jodha At Last

Jalal confesses his love to Jodha when all the medical help gives up on her. He confesses that he cannot live without her.

Jodha Critical

Jodha's life would be declared critical and the doctors say that there is nothing much that can be done to help her.


Jodha would be given heat treatment where the doctors try to remove the poison in her.

Jalal Reminissing

Jalal would think of the times he had been with Jodha.

Rukhaiya Begam

Rukhaiya Begam too would be seen hurting over her behaviour towards Jodha the previous days.

Jalal Prays

Jalal would pray for Jodha's life. He would be seen heart broken and shattered over being the reason for her condition.

Jalal Does Puja

Jalal would even do puja to bring back Jodha to life.

Jalal Realises His Love

Jalal would realise his love to Jodha when he feels he is gong to miss her.

Jalal Helpless

Jalal would be helpless in the situation since Jodha's life is at stake and he has nothing to do about it.

Jalal Saves Jodha

The same way how Jodha had saved Jalal's life, Jalal saves her life by confessing his love.

Jodha Out Of Danger

Jodha, when Jalal confesses his love to her would show signs of life.

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