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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 18th June; Raman And Police Fail To Arrest Param (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June written episode: Raman sends the police inspector to the Iyer house, to take Madhavi’s statement. Ishita becomes stunned when Madhavi says that she was responsible for the accident. She was suffering from low blood pressure, became ill in the middle of the road and fell. The car driver had no fault, repeats she. The inspector records her statement and leaves.

Ishita finds Toshi’s scarf in her house. She understands that Toshi came to Madhavi to appeal for her son-in-law. Ishita informs it to Raman. Raman calls the family members together and tells them that all criminals are relatives to some people. If the relatives start hiding their crimes, then there will be no justice at all.

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Toshi understands that she has done wrong in influencing Madhavi and making her give false statement. She feels that Simmi cannot spend the whole life with such a criminal. She tells Madhavi to utter the truth in front of police.

When Bala comes to teach Adi, Shagun tells him that she expects professionalism. He should keep personal relations away, insists Shagun. Bala confirms it. Shagun expects Raman’s call as it is a special day for Adi. She discovers Raman at her gate and thinks that he has come for Adi. Raman calls the police officer inside and indicates at Param as the culprit behind the accident.

Ashok protects Param saying that he can provide proof in favour of Param’s innocence. Ashok gives documents to the police which shows that he has sold the car, on the date of Madhavi’s accident! So, it was not possible for Param to use it!

Madhavi's Police Statement

Madhavi would be asked by the police for a complete statement of the accident as she would be in a better condition to talk about it.

Madhavi's Statement

Madhavi would give a completely false statement saying she actually fainted and the car in an attempt to not hit her went on to dash the tree.

Ishita Shocked

Ishita would be shocked to hear this and would try to ask Madhavi to change her statement.

Ishita Gets To Know Why

Ishita would get to know why Madhavi gave a false statement. She would come to know that Toshi had met Madhavi.

Madhavi Tells What Happened

Madhavi informs Ishita that Toshi requested her not to give a statement against Param since it would harm Simmi.

Ishita Understands

Ishita would then understand why Madhavi gave such a statement to save Param.

Raman Talks

Raman would get everyone to meet at Iyer's house. He would then ask Toshi to correct the mistake she made by saying that saving Param will not do any good.

Toshi Then Agrees

Toshi then agrees that saving Param will do no good for Simmi and would ask Madhavi to give the correct statement.

Raman At Shagun's House

Raman would come to Shagun's house with the police knowing Param would be there.

Police And Raman Fail

Police and Raman fail to arrest Param as Ashok shows papers showing that he had sold the car days before the accident.

Bala Start Teaching Aditya

Meanwhile, Bala would start teaching Aditya.

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