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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 26th May; Mihir Stands Against Raman For Love, Finally! (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May written episode: There are speculations over Mihir’s reaction in the engagement. Mihir tells the truth at last. He apologizes to Trisha and says that he cannot get engaged and continue cheating her, as he loves Mihika from his heart. Raman prevents Tandon from bursting on Mihir, as he wants to handle it himself. Even after several slaps from Raman, Mihir sticks to his point that he cannot help loving Mihika.

Raman slams Mihir, not for breaking the engagement, but for telling the truth so late. Shocking everyone, he declares that he arranged this engagement drama, to make Mihir utter the truth. He wanted him to be brave for his love!

Mihir comes to Trisha to say sorry again, but she thanks him with a smiling face. She says that she consciously took part in the drama as she loves someone else, whom her brother would never accept easily. Ishita listens to their conversation from a distance.

The drama does not end here. Guess who appears as the lover of Trisha. It is none other than Pathak, Raman’s lawyer! Ishita cannot prevent herself from joining them. Pathak shares his interesting love story with Trisha—how he became dependent on her in his bad times.

When everything is finely settled, Tandon is not ready to accept Pathak. Raman questions his logic, as he is giving priority to honour and social image, over his sister’s happiness. Raman tries to make him understand the hollowness of a marriage without love.

But will Tandon accept it so easily? Or it will unfold new chapters of complication?

Mihir Tries His Best

Mihir tries his best to get engaged to Trisha as it is Raman's wish.

Thinks About His Time With Mihika

Mihir thinks about his happy times with Mihika.

Mihir Puts His Foot Down

Mihir, finally, puts his foot down and declares that he cannot go through with the engagement.

Mihika Relieved

Mihika would be relieved to see Mihir talk his heart out.

Mihir Stands Up For His Love

Mihir finally stands up against Raman to declare that he cannot go through with this engagement as he is in love with Mihika.

Mihir Apologises

Mihir apologises to Raman for not doing what he wants as he would ruin three lives if he does.

Raman Knew

Raman knew that Mihir was in love with Mihika. He would tell Mihir that how he could believe that he would force him to marry someone he does not love!

Mihika's Fake Engagement

Raman informs Mihir that it was Ishita's plan to break him by creating a fake engagement for Mihika.

Mihir Gets Another Shock

Mihir gets yet another shock when he learns that Trisha was a part of this whole drama too.

Raman's Plan

Trisha tells that it was Raman's plan from the beginning to go through with the drama to make Mihir come out about his love for Mihika.

Trisha Has Her Love

Trisha also says that she already has her own love story.

Tandon Angry

Tandon would be very angry and would declare that he would ruin Raman's business for this.

Raman Explains

Raman would try to make Tandon understand that it is not easy to get two people married without love. As he knows how difficult and painful it is to go through with it.

Ishita Watches

Ishita would stand watching Raman's pain.

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