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Farah Khan Calls Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel As ‘UpMa’ & Rahul ‘Bali Ka Bakra’

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    Bigg Boss 8: Weekend Ka Halla Bol's this week's episode had Farah singing 'Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche', which was aiming at none other than most talked about couple Karisma and Upen Patel. She gave the pair a new name 'UpMa'.

    Inside the house, Upen, Karishma and Mehek were seen in conversation. Upen was singing ‘Le Jayenge... Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' and Mehek was seen teasing Upen. Mehek even said if Upen wants Karishma, then he will have to fight many people, as many guys are behind her. Upen even said he will wait till end.

    Sambawana teases Upen and says Karishma is in love as she is helping him washing his clothes. Pritam starts giving commentary about 'UpMa's' love story.

    Singing 'Aaj kal...', Farah teases Upen and Karishma with the new name given. Farah asks Rahul Mahajan, if he wins the show, to whom will he give the amount. Rahul says Pritam as he will be welcoming his second baby.

    Farah asks every contestant one by one that if given choice to nominate any directly for elimination whom they will nominate. Bang! Four of them reply with Karishma's name and those were obviously none other than Dimpy, Rahul, Sana Khan and Gautam Gulati.

    This made Farah to say that Karishma is very popular in the house. She said Karishma that many of them like her not only in the house but also outside and there are lot of questions raised on her. Now that Karishma has become the target, Farah called her to ‘Katghada'. She even added saying she may have to stand there for the whole day.

    What questions were asked to Karishma and why was Rahul called ‘Bali ka bakra', click on the slides to read...

    Farah Asks Karishma

    Why suddenly Karishma thought Gautam was champion during nomination day, who was her main rival or competitor. There was quite long debate on this, among her and co-contestants.

    Farah Supports Dimpy

    The next question for Karishma was, "How far it was right, that to clear your character, you used Dimpy's name?" Karishma tries explaining but in vain.


    Farah stops her and asks that why she took this stand only after Upen came. Why was she saying everything about Dimpy which was personal?

    Farah Supports Rahul & Screws Karishma

    Farah says that because of all these, Rahul had become the target. Karishma, Dimpy again start arguing about each other's character, and Karishma says Dimpy that she needs only one minute to make someone low, Farah says that's what she did.


    When asked to Karishma who said about Dimpy's personal matters to her, she names Dimpy and Rahul who denies. Farah says she is confused and Dimpy replies saying Karishma is becoming too much creative these days.

    Farah On Karishma’s Loose Comments

    Farah says if Karishma was really Dimpy's friend and was standing for women, for whatever may the reason would be, she shouldn't have told about her personal matter in the house. Why is she giving loose comments on Dimpy?

    Farah Calls Rahul ‘Bali Ka Bakra’

    Farah supports Rahul as he didn't give any personal comments on any, thought he had to listen to so many things. Anyone in his place (Gautam or Ali) would have made loose comments. She adds because of Dimpy and Karishma, Rahul has become Bali Ka Bakra.

    Karishma - Call Centre Task

    Farah asks, when Karishma kept the call after the task, after insulting Rahul why did she say "that felt so good". This shows Karishma is note doing the task but taking her personal revenge? And she was doing all these for Upen.

    Rahul Behind Karishma From Six Years

    When Karishma says, Rahul made loose comments by saying he was behind her for six years. Farah says that that's not loose comment, but a complement. Farah asks Sana and Mehek, who agree with Farah. Sambhawana even joked saying she will keep that person, who is behind her as well as her husband.

    Dimpy Not Worst Performer

    Farah asks Karishma that how did she declare Dimpy as the worst performer when she was not given chance. It was Mahek and Pritam who didn't perform well. Karishma's answers again was not justified.

    Karishma’s Captaincy

    Farah says Karishma was not good as captain and was irresponsible. She says her captaincy was distracted because of Upen and co-contestents agree for the same.


    "When Rahul asked he will take you to Paris, you smiled. You did the same with Upen when he asked he would take you to multiple countries - Which smile was genuine?" Karishma replies by saying Upen's name. Upen adds saying that he will take her to the country which she likes. For this Farah teases 'UpMa' and Karishma is seen blushing.

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