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Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek: Gautam Gulati Gives Up & Cries; Surprise Midnight Elimination![PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's Gautam Gulati breaks down and cries being targeted during 'Torture Cage' task. Also, Bigg Boss shocks everyone with a surprise midnight elimination for Karishma Tanna, RJ Preetam, Dimpy Mahajan and Mahek Chahal.

    During the latest task, only Gautam, Preetam and Dimpy would manage to survive in the task to compete against each other to win the money in the briefcase. While they are at it, Gautam feels targeted by everyone around him, especially Ali Quli Mirza, who actually does give a tough time for him.

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    Gautam, who manages to stay strong during the task would be seen breaking down after the task ends. He would have a meltdown in the bathroom area and cries feeling targeted and especially feeling let down by his friends, Sambhavana Seth, Rahul Mahajan and others. He expresses they stood there just watching while he was tortured with words.

    The contestants would then get a shock from Bigg Boss when he announces a surprise midweek elimination and one among Karishma, Dimpy, Preetam and Mahek will be leaving Bigg Boss 8 tonight. They would be made to express their last words before leaving the show after which the name of the person who gets evicted will be announced.

    Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek

    From Gautam Gulati breaking down to a surprise midweek elimination, the Bigg Boss 8 house is going to see a rocking day tonight.

    Torture Cage

    Torture cage task will have Gautam Gulati, RJ Preetam and Dimpy Mahajan continuing to give each other a tough competition. While Preetam and Dimpy suffer extra because of the sun that fall on them and not Gautam.

    Preetam Angry With Gautam

    Preetam and Dimpy would be standing in the hot sun while Gautam in the shade. This would irk Preetam a little too much and he would be seen hurling words at him.

    Gautam Pretends Unhurt

    Gautam Gulati would concentrate on the task and not get into an argument with Preetam despite him saying hurtful things just because he was standing in the shade.

    Ali Too Targets Gautam

    Ali Quli Mirza would target Gautam Gulati during the task. He would accuse him of being a lazy person who escapes work and seeks help from everyone to do simple work.

    Gautam Stays Strong

    Even during this argument Gautam would stand strong without succumbing to the pressure the others would be trying to put him in.

    Ali Targets Gautam Again

    In the evening, Ali again targets Gautam, who by this time would be seen tired and beat from the pressure of standing for a very long time.

    Gautam Ignores

    Gautam Gulati ignores Ali and even pretends to be immune to the hurtful words he would be hurling at him. He would only tell that his family would get insulted by his words.

    Sambhavana Seth

    Sambhavana Seth too would join Ali Quli Mirza in trying to break Gautam. Though Gautam would stand strong and face them at this time he would later tell that he was hurt.

    Gautam Hurt

    Gautam Gulati would stand immune to Ali's words, but he clearly was hurt by the hurtful things Ali would say to him. Gautam would say he would concentrate only on the task.

    Gautam Breaks Down Later

    Gautam Gulati would break down after the task ends. He would start crying in the bathroom area saying he had to stand such hurtful words just for the task.

    Gautam Crying

    It had been a while since Gautam Gulati had had such a meltdown on the show. He would have felt alone while the others tried to break him during the task.

    Gautam Gulati's Friends

    Gautam Gulati would accuse Sambhavana and Rahul for not supporting him during the task and just standing and watching Ali throw hurtful words at him.

    Surprise Midweek Elimination

    Bigg Boss would announce a surprise midweek elimination and one among Karishma Tanna, RJ Preetam, Dimpy Mahajan and Mahek Chahal would get eliminated.

    RJ Preetam

    The contestants would be asked to express their last words as one among them would get eliminated from the show tonight. Preetam would tell that this would be the beginning of another journey.

    Karishma Tanna

    Karishma Tanna would declare that if this would be the end of her Bigg Boss 8 journey, she would thank Bigg Boss since the show gave her Upen Patel.

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