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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Shekhar To Arrange A Final Test For Sandhya

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Diya Aur Baati Hum's August 3rd episode: Sandhya sells molasses cakes in the village market. Her Boss feels bad, because he has lied to her about her family. Suddenly two gunmen come and search for ‘Sagarika’. Shekhar tells Sandhya that she has to escape quickly; he explains that Manjari took a debt from a powerful person and she failed to repay it. So, these men are following ‘Manjari’s daughter-in-law’.

Sandhya keeps running madly and Shekhar tries to prevent the men from attacking Sandhya. One of them follows her in a car and catches her very soon. He makes fun of Sandhya and throws his gun towards her. He tells her to pick up the gun and shoot him. He looks amused to see her helplessness.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Shekhar To Arrange A Final Test For Sandhya

Shekhar watches from behind a tree whether Sandhya picks up the gun and shoots the man to save her life. The plot is designed by him to see whether ‘Sagarika’ is a common girl or not.

Sandhya thinks she must act like ‘Sagarika’, so that no one doubts her. If her identity is revealed, the mission will fail. She is even ready to die for it! She just pretends being scared. She picks up the gun, her hands tremble and she drops it soon.

Shekhar comes out of hiding and saves Sandhya. She comes back to Sajni’s hut and tells her about the incident. Shekhar tells his commander that ‘Sagarika’ has passed the test, still he has doubts; so, he is going to arrange the third and final test.

Lalima comes to the Rathi house and requests Sooraj to taste a sweet item she has prepared. Sooraj appreciates it. Lalima is overwhelmed. Bhabho stays alert so that Lalima cannot understand Sooraj’s mental condition.

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