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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj Kidnaps Sandhya, Gets Arrested;Bhabho Gets To Know About Sooraj’s Arrest

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In Diya Aur Baati Hum, Mohit's murder case has become a mystery to solve for Sandhya (Deepika Singh) and Satyadev. Rathi family members are accepting the crime which they haven't committed to save someone.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Emily confessed killing her husband Mohit, thinking her daughter Pari had committed the crime. When Satyadev was about to arrest Emily, Sandhya comes to her rescue. Sandhya gets to know that Pari just went to the crime spot to get rid of Mohit by requesting him to sign the divorce papers and to free his mother Emily. So, Pari didn't kill Mohit.

Also, Lokesh would have confessed the crime, but Sandhya and Sathydev will get to know that he is innocent. Sandhya will hear Meenashi and Lalima's conversation on lehanga, which Lalima had given for dry-cleaning.

Sandhya even recalls Lalima not wearing that lehanga even ones and doubts why she has given it to dry clean.

Sooraj (Anas Rashid) tries to confuse police by lying. Sandhya doubts Sooraj as he never lied. Until Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) reach the hospital, he plans of confusing police, so that Bhabho won't get to know about his confession.

Sooraj even kidnaps Sandhya, lie to Bhabho and everyone that she has gone to office. He even disconnects all phones in the house. Satyadev doubts as he wasn't able to reach Sandhya over the phone, and reaches Rati house, when Bhabho was about to leave.

Sooraj hurries and makes Bhabho leave by taxi with Meenakshi. After breaking open the sweet shop, they get to know that Sooraj tied Sandhya in the shop. Babasa and Emily are shocked with Sooraj's behaviour.

On Sandhya's statement, Sooraj will be taken to the police station, where he confesses that he killed his brother Mohit.

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Sooraj Kidnaps Sandhya

Sandhya will be tied in the sweet shop of Sooraj by him. Sandhya tries to escape from the place but in vain. When Emily comes to open the door, Sooraj manages to stop her.


On the other hand, Satyadev tries to reach Sandhya as she wasn't in the office. He calls her, but Sooraj disconnects the call by saying it is a wrong number. When he tries again, the number doesn't reach as Sooraj would have disconnected the wire.


Sooraj hurries Bhabho to leave the place as he wants to free Sandhya. But Satydev reaches the place before Bhabho leaves and doubts Sooraj.


On breaking open the sweet shop, they see Sandhya being tired in the chair. Satydev and Emily free her and on asking who tied her, Sandhya points out at Sooraj.


Sooraj will be taken to the police station and will be arrested as on asking him about Mohit's death, he confesses the crime. Sandhya is shocked with Sooraj's confession.


Also, before entering the operation theatre, Bhabho gets to know that Sooraj had confessed the crime by watching TV. Bhabho will be leaving the hospital to save Sooraj from getting punished.

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