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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Sends Rukaiya To Exile

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Jodha Akbar's August 5th episode: Jalal, Jodha and their team safely come back to Agra. Hamida herself welcome the royal couple in the palace. Begum Salima avoids talking with Murad. Rukaiya is informed by Hoshier that Jalal has come back. She hopes that the Emperor will set her free and punish Jodha.

After a few hours of rest, the Emperor attends the court. He calls Murad and says that Murad has committed a serious crime of being involved in a treacherous plot against the Emperor. But he has confessed his guilt, so he is not being given death penalty. He is sent to another state.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Sends Rukaiya To Exile

Next he calls Rukaiya Begum. The Emperor says that Rukaiya has damaged the spice store twice, causing a huge loss in the royal fund. And she burned the letter which he sent to Begum Jodha on an urgent basis.

The Emperor says that Rukaiya’s treachery cannot be forgiven. He decides to send her to Kabul. He gives her no scope of self-defense. She is sent to captivity again. Hoshier comes to Rukaiya to serve food and hookah. Rukaiya refuses the food; she says her life is meaningless without Jalal’s love.

Hamida feels bad for Rukaiya. Salima tells her that Rukaiya’s mistakes were unpardonable; the Emperor could lose his life due to her irresponsible act of burning the letter. Hamida accepts the truth.

Hoshier comes to Jodha and makes a mercy plea for Rukaiya, as her condition is pathetic. Jodha forwards the appeal to Akbar. He remains strict, but Jodha requests him to think twice as the matter is related to Rukaiya, his childhood companion.

Will Akbar change his mind and become considerate? Let’s see in the next episode!

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