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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Murders An Englishman

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Jodha Akbar's July 29th episode: Salima is given the letter which has been forged by the woman appointed by Rukaiya. She sends it to Todarmal. Jodha stays in the English camp in the guise of a Gypsy woman; she agrees to dance for them.

Janisar invites Akbar to see the dance of the gypsies. Akbar agrees to go, because he wants to know who is helping the Englishmen. Man Singh asks what if they again try to poison him through wine. Akbar says he will remain cautious.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Murders An Englishman

Janisar again poisons the edges of Akbar’s wine glass. Akbar cleverly starts coughing; Man Singh pretends to hold him and drops the glass on the floor. Akbar leaves the dance party before Jodha enters.

Jodha dances before the Englishmen taking some other women with her. Her eyes keep searching for Akbar. After the dance is over, Janisar stops her and says he has seen her somewhere! Jodha says she has a common face, which may resemble that of someone else.

Rahim tells Jodha that they have to leave this camp now, because he cannot take risk with her safety. Jodha says that Akbar left the palace with the Englishmen, but he is not with them presently; it means he must be in some danger. Rahim is still determined to go back.

An Englishman says he likes Jodha very much. Janisar promises that he will send ‘the woman’ to his tent at night, to ‘please him’. When the offer is given to Jodha, she says ‘yes’ at once.

Rahim and Moti are quite shocked. Jodha convinces them that she is capable to protect herself, but she cannot leave the chance to check the tents thoroughly.

Jodha keeps her eyes open and checks the tents as much as she can, while going to the tent of the Englishman. She becomes shocked to see Murad with the Englishmen.

When the Englishman tries to caress Jodha, she takes her dagger and slits the throat of the man.

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