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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Doubts Falguni’s Death As Planned Murder?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, the major twist of revenge by supposedly Ritika happened yesterday, with Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) mother Falguni's (Gauri Pradhan) death. If we recall, the person in question was seen burning the pictures of the people who were involved in her life, which had Falguni in the list too.

Apart from Falguni, others in the revenge list were - Ranveer (Shakti Arora), Ishaani, Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and Ritika (Smriti Khanna).

It was Ishaani's brother Deversh and Shikar's sister Krisha's engagement, when the unfortunate incident happened. Falguni doubts Krisha's words and enquires Kanchal. Though Kanchal refused to give information about Nirupa, Falguni forces her, due to which Kanchal reveals Nirupa's original identity.

Falguni comes to meet Ishaani, but finds Ritika's message on Ishaani's mobile which said, "Ishaani meet me in terrace for sometime - Ritika". Hopeful of meeting Ishaani, Falguni goes to terrace. She also thinks of requesting Ritika to reunite RV and Ishaani.

Fate had something else as Falguni's words go unheard and she dies as the terrace gate was loosened. When Ishaani get to know about her mother's death through Shikar, she will be shattered and begs Shikar to make her wish of seeing her mother ones before final rites were performed.

On the other hand, RV tries to convince Nitin to do final rites of Falguni as he was her husband, but Nitin resists. In turn Nitin asks RV to do the final rites as Falguni was close to RV and considered him as her son.

Read on to know more...

Falguni In Terrace

Falguni goes to terrace in search of Ishaani and convince Ritika to reunite RV and Ishaani. She also wanted to apologise Ishaani for not understanding her as she was innocent.

Ishaani Going Out

Falguni sees Ishaani going out and decides to tell about the good news - that Ritika will reunite Ishaani and Ranveer.

Falguni Calls Ishaani

When Falguni sees Ishaani taking taxi, she tries to stop her by calling the name by leaning on the gate of terrace. But since the gate was loosened, she falls off from height and dies.


Ranveer agrees to do the final rites in front of Parekh and Vaghela family. Parekh family is shocked with the announcement, while Amba is annoyed as she hates Parekh family.

Ishaani And Shikar

Ishaani gets to know about Falguni's death through Shikar. Ishaani reveals that Falguni is her mother. Shikar is shocked and Ishaani is shattered.

Ishaani Begs Shikar

Ishaani begs Shikar to make her see Falguni one last time before the final rites. Shikar, who is also upset, is speechless and tries to make some arrangement for Ishaani to see Falguni.


Ritika tries to convince Ishaani as Shikar asks her to take care of Nirupa (Ishaani) who is uncontrollably crying.

Shikar Manages To Help Ishaani

Somehow Shikar manages to take Nirupa to Falguni, when none are there around. But Ranveer enters the spot and Shikar alerts Nirupa about the same.


RV doubts Nirupa (unknown) girl crying for Falguni's death. Shikar again manages to lie and RV tries to convince Ishaani who is uncontrollably crying.

Ishaani Doubts Falguni’s Death As Planned Murder?

In the upcoming episode, Ishaani goes to the place where her mother was seen last time, to feel her presence. She then gets to know that her mother didn't die because of accident. She feels it was a planned murder as the gates were loosened by someone.

Ritika's Message

Ishaani may also see the message of Ritika and doubt! We only wish that Ishaani doesn't reveal the same to Ritika as she could be the murderer.

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