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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-Ranveer Or Ishaani Shikar - Who Makes The Best Pair & Why?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) makes the best pair, no doubt at all. But the issue started after Shikar's (Arjun Bijlani) entry and moreover, RV's family was against Ishveer.

Shikar, though had entered late in Ishaani life, loved her unconditionally and has understood her better. It won't be wrong if we say, he has understood her better than RV as most of the times RV has not supported Ishaani.

Though not Ranveer's mistake as he was put in such a situation where he got against Ishaani. Everytime RV wanted to come close to Ishaani, she, for RV's sake, hurt him, so that he can forget her forever and move on in his life with Ritika (Smriti Khanna).

RV's mother Amba too had met Ishaani and had asked her to stay away from RV as Ritika is pregnant. Thinking RV has moved on, Ishaani tried to stay away from RV.

Now that she get to know about the fact that RV still loves her, and he had always been on Ishaani's side whenever she was in trouble, Ishaani is guilty to hurt RV. Now since Ritika asks Ishaani to stay away from RV as she loves him, she agrees to that too.

Whole Ishveer issue has created a mess in Ishaani's life. His family doesn't like her a bit to accept her, also previously Baa to didn't like RV. Though now the circumstances have changed, we feel, on a practical note, Ishaani will be happy only with Shikar as he loves her a lot and his family is very supportive compared to RV's family.

Though we agree Ishveer makes the best pair, practically, Ishkar will make a happy couple! Read on to know whom people voted for and why!

We only Love 'Ishkar'

We vote for ishkhar!!....Reason-1)If spoken genuinely shikhar suits ishani a lot more than ranveer bcoz dey look of the same age.2)Their romance and love would be at another level way more cuter than ishveer.3)There have already been a lot of mishaps between ishani and ranveer in past buh ishkhar have got the advantage of a 'start'.4)I ain't sure buh arjun bijlani I think has got a TRP hike to the show!! so giving him not a strong character (a character not opposite to ishani) would not be good for the sure!!

Gautam Parmar

Ishani only smiles with ranveer.

Samira Faqiri

i really love ishaveer ,, they r in love with each other madly they love each other and they always sacrifice just to see her/ him happy thier love is true and we want a true love they made for each other love u ishaveer.

Kartik Patil

I like IshaniRanveer bcoz they r lovebirds whose made for each other....

Reeba Shukla

obviously ishveer nd there are lots of reasons... 1. they look faaab together 2. they know each other better. 3. ishveer bonding are far better than ishkhar.

Maahi Sharma

Ishveer bcoz a Time ago they r best friends n know they r a great n good couple.

Aakriti Kashyap

we want ishveer back because we are fed up of seeing ishveer seperate ,desperate to meet each other ,true lovers are meant to be together.

Swetleena Chatterjee

Ishveer becoz their chemistry starts from their eyes...they r bang onn.

Yashasvi Mistry

Ishveer because they are made for each other.

Sushree Subhashree Samal

Ishveer coz undono k liye serial hit h..n i love them.

Results - Ishveer Or Ishkar

Well... the result, is no doubt, Ishveer. People want to see Ishveer together as they love the chemistry between the two and most of them feel they will be happy with each other.

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