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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler: Ishaani To Reunite With Ranveer;To Expose Ritika With Shikar’s Help

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In Colors TV's Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ritika's (Smriti Khanna) never ending drama will cause harm to Ishaani (Radhika Madan). Ritika will plan to kill Ishaani as she has come to know that RV (or Sharman) is not the father of Ritika's baby. This will create a fear in Ritika, as she doubts Ishaani soon will come to know her reality.

Ritika, who acts good, has in fact proved that she is great long before, when she tried to unite Ishaani and Ranveer (Shakti Arora). Both of them have very good impression on Ritika and they don't even think that Ritika can harm anyone. Not only in front of Ishveer, even Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and other family members too have good impression on Ritika.

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But the need of family makes Ritika dangerous. She had killed Chirag as he objected to marry her. She even killed Falguni (Gauri Pradhan), fearing that the latter would tell about Ishaani to RV and further she might lose him leaving her lonely.

Now that RV is inclined towards Ishaani, she asks RV to divorce Ishaani through Amba - indirectly. She gains sympathy from everyone around as she is pregnant and her father's death has left her lonely.

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In the previous episode, Ishaani will get to know from her brother that Ritika is not pregnant because of Sharman and neither RV is responsible. This makes her suspicious about Ritika's intention. If she was concerned about Ishaani's love, she would have reunited Ishveer, but she hide the real father of her baby from Ishaani!

Read the story in the slide...

Ishaani Calls Ritika

Ishaani calls Ritika as she needed to speak to her regarding her pregnancy. In front of RV, Ritika tries to make Ishaani jealous pretending how caring a husband, RV is.


On the other hand, Sharman tries to make Shikar clear about Ritika's reality, but the Shikar being Ritika's friend doesn't agree. Sharman requests Shikar to stop Ishaani from meeting Ritika.


Ritika manages to meet Ishaani on her mehandi ceremony. Ishaani reveals that she still loves RV and is guilty that she hurt him everytime just because of Ritika's pregnancy.


Ishaani even says that if she knew RV is not the father of Ritika's unborn baby, she would not have hurt RV or even hide from him. This makes Ritika jealous.

Ritika Cries

When Ishaani asks Ritika about the father of her unborn baby, Ritika starts off her drama of weeping to gain sympathy.


In the upcoming episode, Shikar, who doubts Ishaani still loves RV, asks her to rethink about marriage.


Fearing Ishaani will know about Ritika, she arranges for goons to kill Ishaani. When the goons kill Ishaani, Ritika asks them to send the picture, but they refuse as they don't find Ishaani's dead body.

Ritika's Killer Avatar

Fearing Ishaani had escaped and would reach RV, she herself in bridal get up goes in search of Ishaani to kill her.

Ritika-Ishaani In War-Zone

She almost kills Ishaani, but before killing she accepts her crime of killing Chirag and Falguni. Ishaani is shocked to hear this.

Ritika Stabs Ishaani

Ishaani tries to escape but in vain. Ritika stabs Ishaani and the latter falls unconscious on ground.


Ritika goes to mantap and her marriage ceremony with RV starts. Just when Ritika is exchanging garland, Ishaani bumps in hurt and smeared with blood.

Ritika-RV Shocked!

This shocks everyone, and the more shocking will be when Ishaani exposes Ritika by telling her reality.


RV and others find it unbelievable. RV calls off his marriage with Ritika. Ishaani tries to convince RV.


In the upcoming episode, Shikar will understand Ishaani and as he said he accepts the fact that Ishaani still loves RV.


Like always, Shikar will be in Ishaani's side and prove Ritika guilty and help Ishaani to reunite with her real love Ranveer.

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