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Shahrukh Khan: Fiction Shows Cannot Afford Me!

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King Khan, Shahrukh Khan, made a comment that television cannot afford him for a fiction show even if they create a special character for him. "I am very spoiled," SRK said in an interview.

When asked if he sees himself doing fictional show on TV, the Badshah of Bollywood replied to DNA, "If they can afford me! But I doubt television can afford me."
When asked if he would consider it if they create a special character for him, SRK replied to the same website saying, "They still won't be able to afford me. I am very spoiled (smiles). I would love to do if it's something really amazing as a character. Sometimes, I sit down with my friends and discuss it each time we meet. So I tell them, ‘Let's do it, let's do it'. But eventually, I understand that they want me to do things that work, not the stuff that's risky but I can make it work. I kind of get out of the room quietly without telling them."

Shahrukh Khan Says Ficiton TV Shows Cannot Afford Me!

Explaining further why he stays away from fiction, SRK said, "I was joking about the price and all. You allow me to come on television because it reaches homes without a huge amount of charge. I have said it even when I was not a big star that a door knob can be a star on television. It all depends on how you film your story. When I talk to the channel heads, they are initially very excited about the idea I have. But eventually the novelty of the idea gets lost. They will tell me, aisa karna padega. We have to make 52 episodes and we have to make these changes' and it becomes really difficult to teach them the process. So, I just take myself out of it."

Shahrukh Khan is currently working on his non-fiction show for &TV, India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun.

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