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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Ishwari Accepts Sonakshi, But Sona To Reject Dev's Proposal This Time!

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Sony's Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been showing some really heartbreaking moments of late. Firstly, it was Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's painful break up and then a series of events which lead to Rithvik's entry.

Rithvik's entry added some spice to the drama. Upon seeing Sonakshi with Rithvik, Dev takes to drinking. Meanwhile, Sona decides to get engaged to Rithvik and invites Dev for the same.

Check out the latest spoiler in the slides below.

Rithvik's Role Ends Here

In the last episode, Rithvik calls off his engagement with Sonakshi and bids goodbye to her. With this, Jay Soni's cameo role omes to an end.

Ishwari Accepts Sonakshi

In the upcoming episodes, Ishwari would realize her fault after seeing her beloved son heartbroken and decides to correct it. She would accept Sonakshi for Dev. Well, this would obviously make Dev happy, isn't it?

Dev Proposes To Sonakshi

As per the latest spoiler, Dev would reach Sonakshi's office with a bouquet to announce the happy news. Surprisingly, Sona would turndown his proposal this time. Upon hearing this, Dev would be shocked.

Dev & Ishwari

Later, Dev would reach home after facing rejection from Sona. He would breakdown in front of Ishwari. This time, she decides to take the proposal all by herself for the sake of her son.

Ishwari & Sonakshi

Therefore, Ishwari would reach Sonakshi's home and puts forth Dev's marriage proposal in front of Sona and her family, which shocks them completely and would plead in front of the Bose family to accept Dev's proposal for the sake of Dev and Sona's happiness.

What Would Be Sonakshi's Reply?

Needless to say, Sonakshi will be speechless in front of Ishwari. Ishwari would feel dizzy at the moment and Sona would scold her for not taking care of herself make her eat fruits. Will Sona accept the proposal. Keep guessing!

Here comes the twist in the tale! Dev attends the engagement to see her for one last time and congratulate her. But, Dev is unable to witness Rithvik getting closer to Sonaskhi and starts drinking again!

The engagement ceremony begins and Dev arrives in an inebriated condition. Rithvik is about to slide the ring in Sona's finger. Dev, unable to take it any longer breaks the glass in his hand and collapses at the engagement.

Sona witness this and rushes to him. She leaves the ceremony midway and takes Dev back to his home, where Ishwari gets a shock of her life upon seeing him. Dev pours out all his feelings in front of Sona. Ishwari is in distress after seeing this. Will Ishwari unite the couple at least now?

Sona returns home, only to find out that her dad is furious with her. She apologises, but he is still upset. Rithvik stands by Sona and makes her realise her love for Dev.

With this, Rithvik aka Jay Soni's short but sweet cameo comes to an end. We have to wait and watch as to how Dev and Sonakshi will unite in the upcoming episodes.

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