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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Spoiler: Radha Rani To Insult Sonakshi's Family In Dev's Absence!

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In Sony's Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Ishwari gives consent to Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's (Erica Fernandes) relationship. The lovebirds, Dev and Sonakshi are extremely happy about this.

Although Ishwari likes Sonakshi, she is afraid of the fact that, she has to share Dev's love now. In the last episode, Ishwari apologises to Sonakshi for her behaviour in the last few days.

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Dev Agrees To Take Ishwari For Shopping

In the last episode, Ishwari plans to go shopping. Dev decides to go along with her. When Ishwari reminds him about work, he tells her, that he will accompany her, as she is more important than work. Ishwari is happy.

Radha Tells Riya And Nikki That Dev Is In Love

Radha Rani tells Dev's sisters, Riya and Nikki that their brother is in love. When they enquire about the girl, Radha Rani tells them, that the girl is none other than Sonakshi. The sisters are surprised on hearing this.

Riya And Nikki Tease Dev

When the sisters get to know about Dev and Sonakshi, they gently tease Dev for hiding this from them. Dev is dumbstruck. Ishwari handles the situation and Dev leaves for work.

Dev Asks Sona To Join Them For Shopping

Dev is about to leave for work, and he bumps into Sonakshi outside his house. They share a light moment. Dev asks her to join him and Ishwari for shopping. Sona is reluctant.

Ishwari Apologises To Sonakshi

Sona arrives for work. Ishwari apologises to Sonakshi for treating her badly in the last few days. Ishwari tells her that she will be going out with Dev. Sona feels, she shouldn't join them and decides to talk to Dev, but in vain.

Dev Asks Sona To Join Them For Shopping

Ishwari is eagerly waiting for Dev. Dev arrives and asks Sonakshi to join them for shopping. Sonakshi hesitates, but, Ishwari forces her to join them.

Dev-Sona Shop Together

The trio arrive for shopping. Dev and Sona are at the same counter, while Ishwari is at a different counter. She looks at the couple, happy in each other's presence and feels left out.

Whose Choice Will Dev Prefer?

Both Sonakshi and Ishwari select a few bedspreads. Their choices turn out to be different. Dev chips in, Ishwari asks him to choose the best between their choices. Whose choice will he prefer?

Dev asks Sonakshi to join him and Ishwari for shopping. Although, Sonakshi is reluctant, Ishwari asks her to join. While shopping, Dev and Sonakshi spend some quality time together. Ishwari feels left out.

As we had reported earlier, Sonakshi's family will be visiting the Dixit House in the upcoming episodes to propose Dev and Sonakshi's marriage. Reportedly, Sona will not be aware of this extreme step taken by her family.

It will come as a shock for her, when they arrive at Dev's house. Dev will not be at home during this. Radha Rani will receive the Bose Family!

Radha will humiliate Sonakshi's family in Dev's absence, by telling them that they are eager for the marriage, because their daughter has trapped a rich businessman like Dev.

Sona's mother, Asha will be upset with Radha Rani's behaviour. Ishwari will try to handle the situation, but in vain. Later that day, Sonakshi reaches home and confronts her family about this extreme step, without even informing her.

Sona's father, convinces her that, it is his responsiblity to find out more about the groom's family, before they proceed further.

Will Dev get to know about his aunt, Radha Rani's behaviour and support Sonakshi's family? Keep guessing!

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