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Ishqbaaz: Kamini’s Major Revelation Shocks Shivaay; Daksh Creates More Trouble For Shivaay & Anika!

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The makers of Ishqbaaz have been keeping the audiences engaged with interesting twists. Daksh and Kamini's entry will be spicing up the show! We have already seen how Kamini and Daksh are blackmailing Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna). In the upcoming episodes, Kamini's big revelation will shatter Shivaay! Read on to know more...


Daksh and Kamini will join hands to take revenge on the Oberois. In the upcoming episodes, Kamini's big revelation will give us a hint, on why she wants to take revenge on the Oberoi family!

Daksh & Anika

As we know, Daksh has already been creating trouble in Anika's life, now he will use Shivaay's sister Priyanka as a bait to separate Anika and Shivaay!


As viewers know, Shivaay loves Anika but he would have not expressed it. On the other hand, Anika feels that he treats her just as a responsibility. But, shockingly, Shivaay will be seen declaring Anika as his wife. All thanks to Daksh!

Daksh Instigates Shivaay

Apparently, Daksh instigates Shivaay to declare Anika as his mistress, but Anika will be shocked as Shivaay declares her as his wife in front of everyone!

Daksh Blackmails Shivaay

Spoiler also suggests that in the upcoming episode, Daksh will also ask Shivaay to leave Anika! Shivaay is in a dilemma, thinking that if he doesn't do as per Daksh's order, he would not let Priyanka's marriage happen! We will have to wait and watch Shivaay's next step!


According to the latest spoiler, Shivaay will get to know that Kamini is his real mother! Pinky is his step-mother, and he is Shakti and Kamini's son!


This major revelation shatters Shivaay. Omkara, Rudra and Anika become Shivaay's support system during his tough times. How will Shivaay deal with this reality?

Story So Far...

Shivaay requests Kamini to get her son Ranveer married to Priyanka, while Daksh's entry and Kamini's revelation (Daksh is her brother) shocks Shivaay and Anika. Shivaay decides to break the relation seeing Daksh, but because of Priyanka, he accepts Ranveer! Shivaay is unaware of Ranveer blackmailing Priyanka!

Daksh has been haunting Anika. She gets scared with Daksh's presence. Shivaay tries to handle the situation as his both favourites - wife (Anika) and sister (Priyanka) are in trouble because of Daksh!

Shivaay promises that he will not let anything happen to her in his presence. He also asks Anika to fight with her fear (Daksh).

During the Roka ceremony, Shivaay warns Ranveer and asks him to take good care of his sister Priyanka. He also reveals about Priyanka's pregnancy because of which he is accepting the proposal. This will be overheard by Daksh.

Daksh will now make use of this information and blackmail Shivaay. He will be seen making Shivaay dance to his tunes!

In the upcoming episode, Daksh will be seen giving time to Shivaay. He will ask him to stop his family from getting to know Priyanka's truth (that she is pregnant).

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