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      Avunu 2 Movie Review: Another Substandard Sequel


      After scoring few disasters, Ravi Babu is trying his luck by coming up with a sequel of his previous super hit film, Avunu. Avunu 2 has hit the screens today. But did it repeat the magic? Read the review to know.

      Avunu 2 Story

      The story takes off with the concupiscent ghost, which follows Mohini (Poorna) and her husband (Harsha Vardhan Rane) even to their new home. Director Ravi Babu has tried to induce few more characters and add some substance by dealing with too many concepts like Schizophrenia, The Philip Experiment and Thermal Photography. Is it Captain Raju (Ghost) who is causing the disturbances in the house or somebody else? You got to watch it on-screen.

      P.S: Don't fall for the trap by seeing the terminology used.


      Poorna has done her job brilliantly though she has nothing much to do other than screaming her lungs out and have a petrified look all the time. Harshavardhan Rane has got a good chance to improve his acting skills on a trial and error basis. Since the film has nothing great to offer, he can once again check his luck by adding more practice to his kitty. Nikitha and Sanjana managed to pass off.

      Techinical Aspects

      Director Ravi Babu merely want to en-cash the good will of Avunu to make a mediocre film like Avunu 2. The film lacks the needed anxiety in the script itself. The film has been extremely loyal to its prequel, Avunu, in its first half as it simply has the same scenes from Avunu. The director took too much of time to connect the stories and falls flat in creating any interest in the audience.

      Camera work by Bhupesh has been extremely good and he has added the much needed feel for the film with unusual camera angles. The background music felt to be loud at times. Production values by Suresh Productions and Flying Frog Productions were coherent.


      Looks like Ravi Babu has been inspired by too many English films like Paranormal Activity, The Entity and The Haunted. Leave alone sending chills down the spine, Avunu 2 did not even succeed in making the audience sit on the edge of the seat. On the whole, Avunu 2 can be termed as an another substandard sequel made in Telugu, just by banking on its previous hit version.

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