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Danseuse Helen's sister in trouble... Contd

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What happened then?
She said she was going to put me in a clinic. I couldn't believe that my own sister was talking to me like that! She said she was going to the bathroom and vanished for a long time. I was worried that she was making arrangements to put me away.

What if she really put me into a clinic like my family and tried to get rid of me? Then Helen came back and said, 'You better leave because I am going to the farm (at Panvel)'. But just a little while earlier she told someone on the phone about meeting up in the afternoon.

That wasn't all...?
No. Then Helen told me, 'Why don't you say your prayers and go live with the nuns? Why are you so bothered about losing your house or money?' I was hurt beyond words. I wanted to ask her if she would give up her life and go live with the nuns.

Did you try contacting Helen again?
Not Helen. I had hidden a bottle of Black Label for Salim for the last five years, thinking I would give it to him when I met him. On April 14, I went to their home but the servant said he wasn't there. I left the bottle with the servant. After that, I haven't been in touch with them.

Why did you and Helen lose touch?
In 1989, Helen and I had a fight. I am a very sensitive person and I was upset that she hadn't wished me for my birthday. No one had and I was feeling bad. I told her that I didn't want to talk to her again, but I have kept in touch by sending her greeting and birthday cards.

Salim Khan says Helen is your stepsister.
It's not true. I am not someone Helen can wish away. I am her sister (breaks down in tears), not her stepsister. We share the same mother, Marlene Richardson. If she wants to claim she had a French father, that's her problem.

What's your next step now?
I want justice. I can't get a lawyer in Delhi to help me fight my case as my husband is bribing them. I want to get a lawyer in Mumbai. I would love to meet Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Shashi and Shammi Kapoor. I know the Kapoors very well.
The usually unflappable Salim Khan gets agitated when we ask him about Jennifer Gupta, and is quick to dismiss the family connection. He says, "Jennifer is Helen's stepsister and hasn't been in touch with us for 30 years. She has suddenly surfaced after a long time and wants us to help her, but what can we do? Why should we get involved in her domestic issues? She has two grown-up children and is married to a big person."


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