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Get close and personal with Katrina

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Although this desi Brit beauty doesn't follow cricket, she hopes for the very best for team India at the World Cup. She cooks only boiled eggs and loves the movie Casablanca! Get up close and personal with model-turned-actress Katrina Kaif, who will now be seen strutting her stuff in a cross-culture film Namastey London.

moses sapir : hi kat.. Ur salman's favourite movie is?
Katrina Kaif : hi... Tere Naam

pravin : hi katrina how are u today
Katrina Kaif : hi...pravin..i am fine thanku

moses sapir : How it was work with sohail as prod in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya
Katrina Kaif : very nice , it was very comfortable. Knew each other...enjoyed in mauritius..

Mohammed Madha : Hi Katrina, My name is Mohammed Madha and I m from a country called Myanmar (Burma) I am a very very big fan of urs
Katrina Kaif : thanku..mohammad...how is burma..i have never been n definitely wud like to go someday

moses sapir : How it was work with a legend like rishi kapoor saab?
Katrina Kaif : initially...we had met before n i wudnt know what wud it be like to work with him...n he asked me for an autograph...n encouraged me a lot for the progress..i have made...

Mohammed Madha : You are gorgeous. I have not missed any of ur movies, pics, wallpapers. Thanks to indiafm my dream has come true finally.
Katrina Kaif : thanku..but not tht many movies..hav been released

bilal_007 : r u in serious relationship with salman
Katrina Kaif : bilal...i hav preferred not to talk abt my personal life

TJ : hi I am your huge fan just wanted to be lucky enough to say hi
Katrina Kaif : hi TJ

raj : what is ur nick name?
Katrina Kaif : certain people call me KK...but i dont like it very much...

bilal_007 : can u speak fluent Hindi now
Katrina Kaif : i can speak Hindi fluently but accent is not that perfect but in time i can achieve it...

LadkiSG : Kat..what do u think of Stars and Official Sites?
Katrina Kaif : i think its very nice..i think somebody already has my name..wud b looking for my website

venky : modelling or acting
Katrina Kaif : acting

moses sapir : Sarkar was one of yr best u agree??
Katrina Kaif : most people feel but i didn't have tht much opportunity...

Shahwani : Are you working on any other project after namastey london
Katrina Kaif : yes i am working on anil sharma..abbas mustan

katrina11 : when is ur bday?
Katrina Kaif : July 16

aussie guy : are u looking forward to the world cup? u think India will win?
Katrina Kaif : i really hope India wins

moses sapir : Ur childhood fave movie is??
Katrina Kaif : Gone with the Wind

lolo_girl : do know about Islam
Katrina Kaif : yes i do know abt islam, in fact i wear a taveez

moses sapir : Salman the actor ya salman the person
Katrina Kaif : :-) moses...

moses sapir : How it was work with abhishek in sarkar
Katrina Kaif : moses... we worked for 4- days...he is a fun loving person... we r similar in social circle...had a lot to discuss

reema : hi katrina how do u manage to stay so fit
Katrina Kaif : by goin to the gym a lot...

Shahwani : Its so good finally having to chat with you.
Katrina Kaif : i am enjoyin this chat..

goldengirl : how and why did you decide to come to india to seek a career and was it easy for you to get into the industry coming from outside??
Katrina Kaif : i think everyone has to work hard... in initial stages...did audition for commercial... i came here to do an ad

Shahwani : I never thought it'd be just a matter of few keypresses to talk to you, thanks to iFM.
Katrina Kaif : all powered Indiafm

goldengirl : did you know hindi from before or did you learn it after coming to india and how??
Katrina Kaif : no i had to learn after comin to india

buta : who is ur fav co-star
Katrina Kaif : i dont have a fav costar as of now..

Katrina Kaif : namastey london right now..

gad : have u dubbed yourself for Namaste london ?
Katrina Kaif : yes i have dubbed myself...

jason : how are your relations with twinkle ?
Katrina Kaif : we get on very well... in fact we share love of art...we usually paint together

mit : Well I just loved you in MAINE PYAR KYUN KIYA...will u do more comic roles?
Katrina Kaif : mit.... yes well..i am doin aneez bazmee..film..namastey london... is a comic character

lolo_girl : who is your best actress?
Katrina Kaif : kajol

Captain : Hi Katrina, hope u r fine. Since long i wanted to know y u did that film Boom?
Katrina Kaif : naivety n being 18 for doin boom

jumbo : your favourite hollywood film
Katrina Kaif : Casablanca

Ahmed : How was your visit to Ajmer Sharif??
Katrina Kaif : i have been to ajmer for 3-4 times...only last time had a bit prob...

priya : who do u think is most under-rated actor / actress
Katrina Kaif : under rated actor salman khan

future star : wht is the film Welcome about ?
Katrina Kaif : welcome..is a comedy film of a mafia family where no one is marrying the daughter...

Dawar : if u r abandoned on a far island and allowed to take any 3 things of your wish along with you then what 3 things would u take?
Katrina Kaif : dvd player, 2000 DVDs and a person for company

lolo_girl : Manisha Koirala Or Madhuri?
Katrina Kaif : madhuri

sami : do u like SRK or not what u say about his acting
Katrina Kaif : I think SRk is intelligent n romantic onscreen

Ahmed : Anees Bazmee is the dir of Welcome -how u fell work with him -he made for salman a hit movie
Katrina Kaif : anees doesn't talk as much but certain for what he is shooting..

LadkiSG : Kat. Do you have a sister named Nancy?
Katrina Kaif : no i have a sister name isabella

mahmuda : wats brands or desginers u think are best for college girls? We college girls idolize you
Katrina Kaif : thnku very much..in mumbai..guess, mango.. in pali hill...some shops

Saif : hey katrina do you know i have ur 1000 pics almost in my room
Katrina Kaif : thanku very much...if i need some pics i will ask from u...

ravi : wht is the secret of your glowing skin
Katrina Kaif : ravi.. diet plays imp part..avoiding oily food...lack of fresh vegs...stay out from the sun

jazzy : You are wounderful actress and I come to your show when u are comming US
Katrina Kaif : i shud b comin to US for a press show on 21st to US

jumbo : dont u agree both sohail and salman have AWESOME COMIC TIMING
Katrina Kaif : yes..jumbo...they hav an amazin comic sense

salman : what do you think of himesh reshammiya's work?
Katrina Kaif : i think himesh best work is tere naam... namastey london has a diff sound to the work he has done off late

priya : kats. Your take on Mallika sherawat?
Katrina Kaif : mallika.... she has done a guest appearance...so i found her to be very nice n quite amusing...

Bolly_fan : is salman marrying priyanka chopra??
Katrina Kaif : Bolly_fan, I think u shud see a psychiatrist

LadkiSG : are u really INTERNET-savvy?
Katrina Kaif : not really internet savvy...i can download music..

jumbo : what is your fave indian food?
Katrina Kaif : fav food is dahi n rice

coolrahman : hey katrina do u know how to cook?
Katrina Kaif : i can cook some boiled eggs n toast

Mira : is your whole family still in london?
Katrina Kaif : my mum is in Chennai with my sister

aussie guy : would you work with aamir khan if you had the chance?
Katrina Kaif : yes it wud be nice to work with all the legends

azzu : hi katrina whts u r fav colour
Katrina Kaif : my fav colour is pink

Mahtab : when u entered bollywood did u ever think of being on top
Katrina Kaif : i don't think there is such a place like top or bottom i wud like to be recognized for doin good work n havin hit films wud be nice..

aussie guy : What ethnic background are you? gujrati, punjabi.. etc etc?
Katrina Kaif : my father is from kashmir

bilal_0007 : which is ur fav song from namstey London?
Katrina Kaif : rafta rafta.

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