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"Arjun Rampal is my cousin brother" : Kim Sharma... Contd.

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Kenny : r u related to arjun rampal
Kim Sharma: arjun is my cousin brother

priya64 : name an old Hindi movie u loved to be part of?
Kim Sharma: sholay

Abbz : have u signed any deal with UTV ?
Kim Sharma: no deal with utv

Qasim : Hi Kim...I"m a med school studying at the University of Toronto...I"m currently writing a script for a movie which I hope (fingers crossed) will go into production...would you consider acting in it...although it wouldn"t be a typical mainstream movie?
Kim Sharma: sounds great. I wish u all the best n thank u so much for thinking of me. n hopefully as n when u finalize, we mite jus get a chance to work together

PARVEEN : if u were labeled as the next madhubala how would u feel?
Kim Sharma: great

Yuvi : who is ur favorite cricket player?
Kim Sharma: Kevin Peterson

Prakash : what turns u off
Kim Sharma: lie

Abbz : who is ur competition in the bollywood
Kim Sharma: I am competing myself

raju99 : ur favorite restaurant ' hang out place in Mumbai
Kim Sharma: I usually spend time at my friend"s house

nikhil : which phone ur using now
Kim Sharma: n76

PARVEEN : comedy vs. serious-which is hard?
Kim Sharma: comedy is tough

yogi : heard that u r getting married soon is it true?
Kim Sharma: not at all. I am very busy with my work. would definitely like to get married someday

Se7eN : what made u join bollywood y dint u go for beauty contest u would have won it m sure
Kim Sharma: I am too short for that

wajid : how was your exp working in historical films like taj mahal
Kim Sharma: it was exciting n interesting. Costumes were great n it had a completely diff feel

Moses sapir : y don u do a movie with sudhir mishra he is a gr8 director
Kim Sharma: yea definitely I would love to work with him. I love his work

PARVEEN : if u could b in a remake of classic pakeezah- would u accept the offer to play meena kumari?
Kim Sharma: for sure. as long as I don"t have to play rajkumar

yogi : what"s ur favorite. songs in CHODO NA YAAR ?
Kim Sharma: kasak

Se7eN : who would u prefer to work with if u get offers simultaneously...srk or amir ?
Kim Sharma: aamir

(afghani Girl) : hw do u react to the controversies or gossip that u read abt urslf ?
Kim Sharma: I ignore it

riya : what made u do ladies tailor
Kim Sharma: the money

Moses sapir :have u seen Jaani Dushman?
Kim Sharma: no. it was nice chatting with u guys. do catch chhodon naa yaar. would love to chat with u again soon. gtg now bye

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