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Bollywood officially enters L'Officiel

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fashionistas the world over consider L'Officiel as one of the premier and classic magazines of all times! Life just cannot get better than this for all ya' Bollywood fans out there, coz' L'Officiel has come up with its first Bollywood special edition. And with the Godfathers of Bollywood at the helm of things, one can expect this to become the Bible of Bollywood in the days to come! For starters, one can find the man who has the copyright for the human tears and emotions Karan Johar as the guest editor, the man with the magical hands, Manish Malhotra working on designing and executing the features, and lastly the man to whom even the camera goes 'Cheese'...Atul Kasbekar!

Our advice to all: Read This Issue Strictly In A Pool Or Keep The Number Of Fire Brigade Ready, coz' besides SRK, this issue also sees the temperature-rising girls who people otherwise know as the dew-eyed Priyanka Chopra, congenial Tanishaa, and dazzling Kareena and the 'all-lure-ing' Bipasha! These divine creations can be seen in the creations of Valentino, Christian Dior, Tarun Tahiliani, JJ Valaya and others. With so much going in this issue, one is just left wondering that whether the creations of the above names will enhance these beauties or is it vice versa?

Lights, Camera, Reaction!

Madame Royale' aka Priyanka Chopra has got not only the world at her feet, but also the whole Universe! No wonder then, the men around her, just can't seem to be getting enough of her! It's not just her smile that's magical, but it's her entire persona' that sets the human heart afire! She is one of the very few actresses who have reached her career's crescendo at such a short time! Man! It becomes needless to say that Elegance... thou name is Priyanka!

Beautifuls with the dutiful

What more can a girl can ask for than having the Sunshine Man himself SRK in tow! After having wowed (and still continues to do so) with his exuberant energy , the King Khan seems to be all set to give the models a never ending marathon run for their money!

According to Lensman Atul Kasbekar, this shoot was inspired by SRK's upcoming release, Om Shanti Om which has a reincarnation theme. Hence, Atul's concept was to show him going from black to white, from darkness to light. Not only we second that; we would also like to add that this shoot is good enough for the non-SRK fans to be 're-incarnated' as the King's subjects! They don't call him the King Khan for nothing!

Rock n Role!

Zayed Khan who hit the jackpot with his impactful role alongside SRK in the mega blockbuster Main Hoon Na is seen rocking and rolling in this issue! Not only does the Rockstar image suit this man to the 'T', but it also leaves the readers asking for more! It just seems like Zayed was simply born to be a rocking rock star! And if his roles in Dus and Cash were anything to go by, then, lo! Behold! Here's announcing the arrival of Zayed, ready to rock and role!

Black N Right

Whoever said that Black N White is a thing of the past, should definitely have a look at the Venus of Bollywood! She looks so elegantly exquisite that one feels like throwing away all the digital cameras and trade them for black and white reels! The radiance that her eyes exude in this will make any man go Fida over this damsel of de-stress!

Kill and Grace!

If the likes of Shakespeare and Wordsworth see this snap of Madame' Kareena, they are definitely bound to crave from their graves! It's a universal fact that white is the colour of peace. But if that gets complemented with the grace of Kareena, it takes the white's radiance to a new high altogether! Agreed that 'Rome was not built in a day', but can anyone tell us as to how many light years did the Creator take to create a curve like this that can put all the Geometry experts to shame?

Either You Stay Away... There Is No 'Or'

There are 2 types of actors. One who demands attention and the second who commands attention! Priyanka Chopra belongs to the latter! This kind of paparazzi attention is something that only she can command! With her eyes doing all the talking, she simply deprives her fans of listening to her honeyed voice and her trademark laughter!

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