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Numerologist predicts the fate of Help

Posted By: Raymond Ronamai
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Well, this film wasn"t in the news during it"s making, but now, at least, it is creating some buzz with its 'eerie" promos. But will that Help? Our in-house expert and celebrity astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi finds whether Help will get some 'Help" (read collections) from the paying public this week? Here goes the prediction.

“The title Help adds up to Number 21 – which is symbolized by the picture of 'the Universe" and it is also called 'the Crown of the Magi". It is a number of advancement, honours, elevation in life and general success. It means victory after a long fight, for 'the Crown of the Magi" is only gained after long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promises if it appears in any connection with future events. However, one must be prepared for the long fight," explains Bhavikk.

“Literally going by the meaning, it seems the film would somewhat be a 'watchable" experience and may be a good joint effort by its entire team……but alas!" he continues. “The lead actor Bobby Deol (January 27, 1967) is running in his 44th year and it indicates struggle and hardships. He is the face of the film and when the 'luck" of the lead hero is not that supporting, others may not be able to 'Help" (pun unintended) much," predicts Bhavikk.

“Although for some damage control, the year 2010 which adds up to number 3 (Jupiter) has proven mostly good for numbers 3, 6, 8, and 9 persons, and luckily both Bobby and Mugdha Godse (July 26) fall under this bracket," adds Bhavikk.

“But unfortunately, that may not be enough to suffice for the much needed 'Help"!" concludes Bhavikk firmly on a strong note.

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