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Harman contours his face to look like Hrithik

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Harman Baweja
Hrithik Roshan and Harman Baweja look like twins separated at birth. It could be a co-incidence. Almost every major star in the industry has a lookalike, and they are all natural born. So the rumours that Harman has had his facial contours reconstructed to look like Hrithik, are shocking to say the least.

According to rumours doing the rounds, before the shooting of Love Story 2050 began, the actor went to plastic surgeon Dr Vijay Sharma at Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Center in Khar.

No denials

Sharma is known to Priyanka Chopra since her Miss World days. Unbelievable as it sounds, a source swears, "Harman and Priyanka went to the surgeon with a photograph of Hrithik to Dr Sharma and asked them to change Harman's jawline according to Hrithik's facial contours."

When quizzed about the fact whether Harman had his jawline changed, Sharma says without denying, "These questions make me uncomfortable. I am not supposed to disclose any name or procedure according to medial ethic and maintain patient secrecy.

For the last couple of days, I have been accused of giving Harman his look in LS2050 and that's why the film failed. To that, I will only reply that I can give a person his looks but not his destiny. I shape people's looks not their careers. The two aren't related."

We observe that he hasn't denied Harman's plastic surgery. How much did it cost?

"Sorry. Next question please." Though Dr Sharma is not willing to disclose details of the surgery, he admits, "Many people come to me asking to look like Salman Khan or their heroes. These days, facial contouring is done through the latest method of Volumatrix face lifts, introduced in India three years back. It's not a very painful or expensive process and involves sucking out fat from the middle of the face or beneath the eyes through a thin needle and without using the knife to make the round face oval or elliptical. The overall facial dimensions can be changed accordingly.

Says Harman, "I will get that doctor to retract his words and apologise. He's using my name for publicity. The story is completely false. It's my own face and I won't allow anyone to talk bullshit about it!"

Dr Sharma's dodgy confession aside, it is a well-known belief that one has seven lookalikes around the world. Unfortunately for Harman, this one is closer to home.

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