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Tandav time with Vishal and Shekhar

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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Apart from their music which is definitely rocking, what's also rocking about Vishal and Shekhar is their sense of humor. Talk to them and then you will know what we are talking about. This livewire combination of talent has an interesting anecdote for every occasion.

Considering that practically half the population wants to make it big in Bollywood, there must be some really funny characters out there. And Vishal and Shekhar are lucky enough to have encountered a few of these characters. But the most glaring example from the lot is the person who this duo fondly refers to as the 'tandav guy'!

It happened about six years ago when they had just finished composing the music for Jhankaar Beats. They got a mysterious call from a person who said that he was making a film with Mr. Aamir Khan and that he wanted to meet them. Now poor Vishal and Shekhar were speechless. Well if it's a film starring Aamir Khan, they could go and meet the producer/director themselves. But anyhow the meeting was set and this man came to their studio.

That he was wearing tattered pajamas to a meeting was attributed to the fact that he was those 'arty' types! So Mr. Arty here proceeded to remove a cassette from inside his shirt. This had the picture of a blonde bombshell holding an ice cream! They still thought that there was something more to this guy. Suddenly the man turns around and tells them that the cassette has the music of the film. And that he was the music director, camera man, actor and story writer!

But wait! The best was yet to come! On further discussion it was revealed that Mr. Arty thought that no one does tandav anymore. He got up with a start and started doing an elaborate tandav nritya! As you must have figured, by this time Vishal and Shekhar were in splits! That was six years ago! And even today when they recount the incident, they can't help but crack up!

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