Randeep Hooda On Not Leading B-Town Lifestyle: Once You Lose Touch With Life's Reality, It Shows On Screen

Unlike most Bollywood stars, Randeep Hooda prefers to stay low key and emerges out of his shell only when he has a film release up his sleeve. In a recent tete-a-tete with an entertainment portal, the Sarabjit actor opened up about why he stays away from the glitz and glamour associated with Bollywood's quintessential lifestyle.

Randeep told Pinkvilla that he doesn't miss dressing up and going to parties and be a part of self-congratulatory cliques. He added that he believes once an actor loses touch with the reality of life, it translates on screen as well.


The actor was quoted as saying, "Do you mean I don't dress up and go to my managers office?" (He laughs). "There is a life that I want to lead and that ideal Bollywood life of dressing up and going to these parties and being a part of the self-congratulatory cliques-- you know, the kind of a system that exists - No, I don't miss it. My life has been about trying to live my characters, trying to live life as away from the trappings of it as much as possible; so that I don't lose touch with the reality of life. Once you lose touch with the reality of life that's where it starts to show on screen. You start to appear unreal. So, I have always kept that around me."

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"It's my ideal lifestyle .I don't have to copy anybody. In fact, I have not given into the kind of culture that we have in the industry. There is certain sycophancy; there is a certain way of dealing with people. Everybody is an artist and so I feel and always have felt at par with everybody. There should be a sense of respect, which is there. But apart from that, I have not catered to that kind of a mindset," he was quoted as saying by the news portal.

As Randeep has always been associated with intense roles in his film career, the actor opened up about what's kept him away from mainstream films.

He explained, "I'm just an artist. I'm just an actor. I have done movies of all genre. I have done Hindi movies. I have done commercial movies. I have even delved a little in song and dance in a couple of movies; I was not very great at it. There was a time when songs of a film used to take the screenplay forward. But now, it's more of a disruption. I want to move on and watch the story. The industry always measures it from the point of view of numbers and who they like to cast. That star system has to change."

Randeep further emphasized on how it has to be more about story-telling that just casting stars in a film.

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Pinkvilla quoted him as saying, "We have got a huge industry but we're not really able to compete with the world because [ideally] the script comes first and then the casting is done according to the script or the story. Here, you have to cast a star and then the story is built around. Therefore, a lot of inappropriate casting happens where you know the storyteller is also not left with much to play. This system, obviously, has to change. It has to be about the story, the script, and then you cast actors according to who suits that character the best. Rather than just going for those few names because they are the stars and everybody else is kachra - that's not the case. It has to be more about storytelling than just be about you know pandering to a star system."

Randeep Hooda is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, Salman Khan-starrer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai in which he is essaying the role of the main antagonist.


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