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Say Hello To English Bulldog Pup 'Rolly': Kylie Jenner & Tyga's New Pet

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga have become the proud owners of this very adorable pup named 'Rolly'. The duo adopted the  Merle English bulldog pup paying a very high price though. The precious puppy was bought for a whopping amount of $ 50,000!

Tyga posted the news of welcoming a new member into his and Kylie's relationship through a picture of Rolly sitting on his lap, on Instagram. The pup looks extremely adorable covered in white and black patches. Rolly has very expressive eyes indeed.

Kylie & Tyga Adopt A New Pet Pooch, Together

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Kylie Jenner, the 18 year old reality TV star has shown the world what a great dog lover she is. They say, famous people's pets are more famous. As the saying goes, everybody who follows Kylie, knows her pet dogs pretty well, too.

Kylie, 18, already has three miniature Greyhounds called Norman, Bambi and Sophia. Rolly, now, just got added to the list. Besides Kylie's pet dogs, Khloe has a boxer, too. Her ex-husband Lamar had gifted the Boxer puppy to her on the occasion of her 34th birthday.

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Tyga has never hesitated to shower money on his beau Kylie. The couple that opened up about their relationship in August, have been in media more often than any other celebrity for various reasons; be it them getting cozy during an event or Tyga showering the most expensive gifts on Kylie.

Kylie & Tyga Adopt A New Pet Pooch, Together

The 25-year-old rapper boyfriend of Kylie's surprised his 18-year-old girlfriend by gifting her a Ferrari worth $320,000 outside Bootsy Bellows, the Hollywood hotspot where Kylie held her party.

Kylie and Tyga have  definitely gained a lot of attention has a couple and every move of theirs is watched by the paparazzi. There were rumours regarding Tyga cheating on Kylie after Amber Rose's recent interview with the GQ magazine for which she posed naked.

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Kylie & Tyga Adopt A New Pet Pooch, Together

We can't wait to know what's going to be Tyga's next expensive gift for Kylie.  None can guess Tyga's choice of presents even their wildest and costliest dreams!

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