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Only a fool will rely on TV- Pankit Thakker

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Television is more of a profession than a passion. It"s a means to earn your daily livelihood. That"s why it is often referred to as the middle class man"s medium. Money earned here is through sheer labor and unlike Bollywood; the life of a TV actor is often limited to one or two shows. That"s why it"s imperative that a TV actor spends his/her money wisely.

Seconding this theory is actor Pankit Thakker, better known as Dr. Atul Joshi, who has just recently stepped out of Dill Mill Gayye. Son of a stock broker, Thakker certainly knows where to put his money.

In a one-on-one with TellyCafe, Thakker reveals, “My father is a stock broker. I know the kind of efforts that he has put in to become the man he is today. I"ve only carried the legacy. Through these years, I"ve earned money from TV but have invested it wisely. Now that I"m free, I"m devoting time to the family business."

Thakker further tells us, “TV is an insecure medium. The name, fame, and money exist only till your show lasts. You can never be sure when you"ll get the next project in hand. Only a fool can rely on television. Thus it"s important that, you make hay when the sun is shining. Unfortunately, I"ve seen a lot of TV actors who have no work today, commuting in auto rickshaws, running from pillar to post to just get a job. I"d promised to myself from the start that I would never let this happen to me."

Those are fine words of wisdom indeed from Thakker. Any actor in a quandary over how to utilize his/her money should definitely consult Thakker, the Broker. Chuckling at his new found title, Thakker talks about his principal job, “After grinding it out in Dill Mill Gayye, money is no longer the motivation for me to choose a show. There are a few offers but I"m going to pick the one which offers me creative satisfaction."

That"s a cliched line whenever an actor goes on a so-called break, but hey, our boy certainly will never have to travel in auto rickshaws. After all, he"s made a fortune that will see him ride through many a rough season.

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