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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain – September 20 Serial Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain
Last night's (September 20) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain begins with Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) entering Ram's room at the hospital when Ram is fast asleep. She comes near him and caresses his forehead. Ram wakes up calling out "Priya." Priya asks him to relax and adds that once he is alright, they will talk.

Ram is visibly disturbed and complains for being away from him for the past five years. He gets hyper and starts coughing, and Priya apologises to him while weeping at the same time. Ayesha realises that everybody in the house has gone to visit Ram at the hospital and she becomes nervous thinking that everybody will come to know about Priya.

Priya comes out of the room and informs Rajat that though Ram's condition is stable, the doctor has informed her that he shouldn't be told something which would stress him up. Priya tells Rajat that she should leave. Rajat advices her that it is high time that she goes upto the family and tells them the truth.

Priya says that its not the right time, but Rajat explains to her that she should not run away from Ram anymore. He tells her that she alone should make the best possible decision and he leaves. Priya stands there and thinks about what Rajat told.

Shipra, Krishuji, Natasha and Dadi come to meet Ram, and Peehu stops them at the door and tells them that her dad is sleeping inside and should not be disturbed. Shipra tells the little girl that she couldn't call anybody and everybody her dad, and Pihu explains that it is her mother who told her so. She then takes them to meet her mom.

Peehu comes with the family who is standing behind Priya and tells Priya that people are not believing that her Golu uncle is her papa. Priya turns back to find the whole family stunned beyond belief.

Rishab takes Peehu away. Priya walks up to her family and explains that she did not inform anybody about her being alive, since she wanted Ram to move on in life. She narrates the entire story.

Sudhir walks forward. Priya calls out 'Papa,' but he walks past her and stands in front of a small ganpati statue that is placed in the hospital. Sudhir remains silent though Priya keeps calling out to him for apology.

Peehu walks up to Sudhir, and they share a beautiful conversation. Shipra too joins in. Sudhir tells Peehu that he is her nana, and Peehu is shocked. Sudhir asks her to come home with him, and Peehu looks at Priya. Priya nods her head and Peehu agrees. Sudhir takes Peehu and leaves without speaking to Priya. Shipra then hugs Priya who apologises for lying to them. Shipra asks her to come home.

Precap: Aayesha tells mamaji that only her mom can help her now. Mamaji informs that today is a very happy day for them as their elder daughter has returned home.

Stay tuned in for further updates on Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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