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Qubool Hai: Will Asad Manage To Fulfill Zoya's Fifth Wish?

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai's romance between Asad and Zoya has been blossoming full fledged lately, with Asad fulfilling every wish in Zoya's wish list. But will Asad figure out the fifth wish which she has not mentioned?

Lately, on the show Qubool Hai, after all the misfortunate circumstances that was hindering the love story between the main lead characters Asad and Zoya, there seems to be some peace. After Tanveer got kicked out of the house, Asad has been very open about his relationship with Zoya and Dilshad, Asad's mother, too has decided to get them hitched before any more trouble comes up.

Meanwhile, Asad finds out that Zoya has a secret wish-list, comprising of small unfulfilled wishes she has had. Asad sets out to fulfill each of her wishes, starting with serving her breakfast in bed to presenting himself as Salman Khan, the romantic hero, to sleeping under the stars and getting her the moon. He successfully finishes the four wishes of Zoya.

The fifth wish most probably is about her father, whom she has been trying to find. But, will Asad find who her father is for her? Will he be able to fulfill all her wishes successfully? We have to wait and watch.

Also, the Maha-Eid episode that is going to be aired on Eid, is said to be the episode in which she would find her father. Let us see if the festive season would bring the father and daughter together and make Asad fulfill Zoya's final wish or not.

The First Wish

The first wish as we know was the breakfast-in-bed wish. Asad did pretty good at it by making a pizza and serving her in bed.

Asad KhanTurns Salman Khan

Asad takes the Salman Khan route to impress his girl. He appears out of no where on a motor bike, shocking and impressing Zoya at the same time.

Asad Sings

Asad would sing to impress Zoya. He picks Salman Khan's romantic number and also performs for Zoya.

Asad Makes Zoya Happy

Asad would impress Zoya by fulfilling her second wish. He would be happy seeing Zoya happy.

Third Wish

Asad then goes on to fulfill her third wish. She would have wished to sleep under the stars holding the hand of her loved one. Asad would bring stars to Zoya.


Asad would then go on to fulfill her fourth wish. She would have wished for him to get her the Moon. Asad would fulfill this too.

Zoya's Fifth Wish?

The fifth wish most probably is to get her father. Zoya though has almost given up on this wish, it is said that she will find out about her father during the Eid.

Will Asad Manage The Fifth Wish?

Will Asad manage to bring Zoya's lost family together? Will he bring the father and daughter together? We have to wait and watch.

Najma Finds Love?

The latest rumours circulating say that there would be a new character entering the show as the love interest of Asad's beautiful sister Najma. Is this the new guy? We have to wait a little while longer to find out.

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