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Bigg Boss 8's Diandra Soares Better Off Without Gautam Gulati And Bathroom Trips!

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Bigg Boss 8's Diandra Soares had her friends, Candice Pinto and Aanchal Kumar advising her that she is better off without Gautam Gulati and also to not take him to the bathroom.

"You are better off along," advised Candice and Aanchal said, "Gautam is cute but please don't take him to the bathroom!"

The latest luxury budget task had the contestants throwing a party in the Bigg Boss house and inviting their close celebrity friends to attend the party. Among the list of friends, Diandra's friends Candice and Aanchal were present and when Diandra called them to invite they made some controversial statements on the show.

Puneet Issar, Ali Quli Mirza and Gautam were there when Diandra made her call to these two friends and when they finally were on the call, they advised their model friend she is better being away from Gauti.

While Puneet was seen long-faced during this and Ali joyous from the inside over having witnessed the scenario, Gautam and Diandra were seen shy and giggling after this took place.

As the world knows Diandra and Gautam have been getting a little to close to each other on the show off late and been spending a lot of time behind locked bathroom doors.

Gautam was seen discussing about this with Puneet later and was seen saying that it was she who took him inside the bathroom and that they were just talking inside.

Bigg Boss Party

Bigg Boss 8's latest task has the contestants calling their celebrity friends to attend the party. They had to call each one of them to invite them to party with them. Puneet Issar's team had Diandra Soares, Ali Quli Mirza and Gautam Gulati.

Diandra Better Off

Diandra's friend Candice Pinto was given an invite but the model claimed she was too busy to attend. She said Diandra was doing good but she was better off alone.

No Bathrooms Please

Diandra's other friend, Aanchal Kumar, was the next one to get an invite. Along with accepting the invite and informing she will be there, Aanchal also said that Gautam was cute but not to please take him to the bathroom.

Gautam's Reaction

Gautam Gulati was seen giggling during the whole process. He was seen covering himself with his jacket to look at Diandra and laugh after the advice Diandra got the bathroom advice.

Taking The Advice?

With the reactions the duo gave it is difficult to know if they are going to consider the advice or will just brush them off like they have done with the advices from the other contestants.

Gautam Worried

After the scenario took place however, Gautam would be seen discussing it with Puneet Issar in the garden area. He would express his worry about the whole bathroom incident and also will be seen throwing the blame on Diandra saying she was the one who took him to the bathroom.

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