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Jodha Akbar: 3rd July; Maham Escapes With Chand Begum, Akbar's Search Futile! (Pics)

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    Jodha Akbar 3rd July written episode: Previously, Jodha tells Akbar to save Todarmal's life. Todarmal is already taken to the penalty ground but is saved by Akbar at the last moment.

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    Jodha and Akbar apologize to Todarmal and his wife. Akbar goes after Nigar with Todarmal, Atgah and soldiers. In the jungle, Nigar's soldiers attack Akbar.

    Maha Manga is informed by Adam Khan that Todarmal has been set free and Nigar is exposed. Nigar runs away. Akbar tells Atgah to follow her and bring her back in fine condition. He wants to repair the relationship.

    He regrets that Nigar's mind is so poisoned against him. Jodha feels sorry for being continuously misguided by the situation. Salima suggests if Nigar doubts Akbar for imprisoning her mom, then Chand Begum must be alive. Akbar calls an urgent meeting at Dewan-E-Khas.

    Yesterday, Akbar goes in search of Chand Begum and gets a few clues. Read the full update in the slideshow...

    Akbar Is Deeply Affected

    Akbar is deeply affected by the episode involving Nigar. He shares his agony with Jodha in the hamam...

    Akbar Says Women Are Lucky

    ...Akbar says that women are lucky that they can cry their feelings out, but men are at a disadvantage. He is sad that he did not even know that he had an older sister...

    Jodha Sees Akbar's Scars

    ...Jodha sees Akbar's scars and wounds and is pained...

    Akbar Reveals The Truth

    ...At Dewan- E- Khas, Akbar reveals the truth of Nigar to all. He tells his officers that he wants to see Chand Begum within the night. All the officers including Atgah, Todarmal, Adam Khan, Sharifuddin, Munim Khan and Akbar himself become involved in the search with the soldiers...

    Adam Comes To Maham

    ...Adam comes to Maham and asks what to do now, as anytime Jalal can find Chand Begum. Maham tells him to keep Jalal and his men away from the secret prison and in the mean time she will shift Chand Begum...

    Adam Misguides Soldiers

    ...Adam Khan keeps misguiding Jalal and the soldiers. Maham comes to the secret prison. Soldiers report her that all the goods have been shifted. She meets Chand Begum and tells her that she will take her to her daughter. Chand Begum becomes excited. Maham tells her to keep quiet and takes her out of the prison...

    Maham-Jalal Almost Face-To-Face

    ...Maham becomes shocked seeing Jalal roaming around the area. She hides behind a bush with others...

    Adam Diverts Jalal

    ...Adam Khan sees it. He quickly draws Jalal's attention to the opposite direction. Maham quickly leaves the area...

    Akbar Finds Secret Prison

    ...Akbar soon finds the door of the secret prison. He enters the chamber with soldiers and becomes surprised to know that he is not aware of such a hidden chamber, so close to the palace!...

    Akbar Confides In Jodha

    ...Akbar comes back to the palace being unsuccessful. He regrets that he is not well aware of incidents that go on around him. He expresses his pain to Jodha-the pain of being a ruler, whose relatives are his greatest enemies! Jodha consoles him saying that his relationship with Nigar will be repaired after the misunderstanding becomes clear...

    Akbar Recalls Expedition

    ...Akbar recalls the human sounds that Jodha heard during the expedition on their wedding anniversary. He suspects that Chand Begum was in the secret prison all along...

    Nigar Joins Abul Mali

    ...Nigar joins Abul Mali and his troop. He insists on leaving the area. Nigar says that her mother is still in captivity. Abul replies that Maha Chuchak's troop has crossed Punjab and will reach Agra soon. So, Chand Begum will be liberated within a few days.

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