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Jodha Akbar: 5th May; Maha Manga Least Repentant For Her Misdeeds

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Jodha Akbar 5th May written episode: Akbar declares his verdict against Maha Manga. As she has shown irresponsibility to her post, he orders her to stay away from all administrative issues of the state. He adds that he is not giving stringent punishment to her, keeping her service for so many years in mind. She still holds her post, but without any power.

The management of the Empire is given to Shamsuddin Atgah and Munim Khan. Adam Khan and his men plan to kill Atgah. Maha Manga counsels Adam. She is still optimistic that she will be able to discover some new way to win the throne of Agra. Maha Manga tells Adam that she has lost her power, but he is still trusted by Akbar and he should keep it up.

Atgah reports some faults in the accounts to Akbar. He suggests that the responsibility of the accounts should be given to some trustworthy person. Akbar remembers Todarmal. He orders Atgah to send message to Todarmal.

Akbar remembers Jodha in time of sword practice and hurts himself. He comes to the tulsi stand and waters the plant. He chants the Gayatri. As he fumbles, Rahim joins him and smoothly chants the hymn.

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Rahim tells Akbar that Jodha has taught him Ramayana, Maha Bharata and other myths. He chants a hymn which means that man always gets the result of his deed. Akbar thinks that his suffering is the result of his doubt on Jodha’s character.

Jiji Anga comes to talk with Maha Manga, who starts talking bitterly with her. Jiji Anga says that it is her attitude, which has been responsible for her fall. Maha Manga retorts that it is Atgah who is responsible for her ruin, as he reported everything to Akbar.

Jiji Anga insists that Maha Manga should stop blaming other people and see her own faults. She suggests that Maham should apologize to Jodha. Maham bursts on her. She can never think of apologizing to a Rajbanshi !

Jalal Announces His Verdict

Jalal would announce his verdict saying, Maha Manga will from then on loose all her powers in the governance.

Maha Manga Accepts Verdict

Maha Manga would accept the verdict in silence.

Adham Khan And Sharifuddin

Adham Khan and Sharifuddin would be upset with Jalal's verdict and also when the other responsibilities would get handed over to Adhgah Saab.

Maha Manga Stops Adham Khan

Maha Manga would come in time to stop Adham Khan from conspiring against Jalal.

Jalal Distracted

Jalal would be distracted during his practice session and would end up getting hurt. It would be Jodha's memories that would be distracting him.

Adhgah Saab

Adhgah Saab would then inform Jalal about the trouble in accounts. Jalal ask him to inform Todarmal to take up the responsibilities.

Jalal Missing Jodha

Jalal's missing Jodha continues. He would spend time watering and praying at her Tulasi plant.

Maha Manga Upset

When Jiji Anga comes to Maha Manga to advice her to apologise to Jodha, Maha Manga looses her cool.

Maha Manga's Decission

Maha Manga would then inform her that she would never ever apologise to a Rajavamshi in her life and that she does not think she has done anything wrong.

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