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PHOTOS: Ajaz Khan To Lock Horns With Ali Quli Mirza On Bigg Boss 8!

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Ex-contestant, Ajaz Khan, will be seen entering the Bigg Boss 8 house tonight and locking horns with his friend/enemy, Ali Quli Mirza. Ajaz was evicted from the show for physical violence against Ali recently on the show.

Bigg Boss 8's first Challenger to leave the show, Ajaz, re-entered the show to give Ali a tough time by confronting him. Ali, who was ordered by Bigg Boss to stay immobile when Ajaz entered had to not react at Ajaz'a entry and at what ever he said to him.

Ajaz, walked directly to Ali and was seen cornering him about what ever he had done and said about him. Ajaz also said that he forgives him and he does not have to worry about him. But, at the same time he would be seen throwing an apple at Ali and even going on to threaten him to do some physical violence. The duo were stopped by the other contestants from doing some damage to each other.

With just a day remaining for the grand finale, the Bigg Boss 8 finalists are gearing up for the big day and looks like Bigg Boss did not want to end the show without a confrontation between the two loud mouths on the show.

Ajaz Enters Bigg Boss 8 House

Ajaz Khan will be seen entering Bigg Boss 8 house yet again to give Ali Quli Mirza a tough time. Ajaz was evicted because of Ali when he attacked him after a provocation.


Bigg Boss 8 would have asked all the contestants, Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna, RJ Preetam, Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza to stay immobile this is when Ajaz makes his entry.

Ali Shocked

Ali who hears Ajaz before seeing him and would get worried about what he would do. But since he is not allowed to move he would stay silent.

Ajaz Khan Forgives Ali

Ajaz Khan would first walk up to Ali Quli Mirza before talking to anyone. He would inform him that he will forgive him even after all the things he has done to him.

Ali Silent

Ali would try to not create any issues when Ajaz would be on the show. But when Ajaz starts throwing things at Ali and starts abusing him yet again. Ali too would start throwing things back.

Lock Horns

Ajaz and Ali qould be seen locking horns and would seem like they might cause some physical damage. They will be stopped by the others from actually fighting.

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