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Jodha Akbar: Anarkali's Reply Silences Furious Salim!

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In Jodha Akbar, Salim is angry on Anarkali, and is not able to forget her. Moreover, Salim didn't like Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar's (Rajat Tokas) gift - Maan Bai and is still hesitant to accept her as his life partner. Salim had even told Jodha that he was not ready for marriage and she should have asked before making such announcements.

Salim and Maan Bai exchange rings. On this special occasion, Akbar asks Anarkali to dance as he had appointed her as the special dancer. Salim was angry that he had to face Anarkali, whom he doesn't want to see; while Anarkali is sorry for her fate and cries.

Akbar will be happy with Anarkali's beautiful dance and rewards her with huge amount. But Anarkali doesn't accept and asks for declaring her father, innocent. She narrates her story, how her family was treated badly and how his father died because of no treatment as his father was called betrayer.

Akbar pity on her condition, and accepts her wish. He announces that whoever mistreats her family will be punished. He also gives her family a home to stay and monthly pay too. Anarkali thanks Akbar and leaves.

Salim, who is very angry on Anarkali, showers gold coins on her. He insults her by calling her a dancer and her father, a betrayer. Anarkali alleges that it is because of him, she is in this condition and because of his orders, his men had taken her to red-light area. These words of Anarkali shocks and silences Salim. He wonders who might have taken advantage of his name!

Salim-Maan Bai

Salim and Maan Bai exchange rings. Jodha and Akbar are happy to see their son engaged.


While putting ring to Maan Bai, recalls Anarkali's words.

Anarkali Dance

Anarkali dances on the occasion of Salim and Maan Bai's engagement. She will be rewarded for her performance. Anarkali instead of money, asks to announce her father as innocent and Akbar accepts it.


Rukhs, though knowing Salim loves Anarkali, is happy to see him getting engaged to Maan Bai.


Haider, who wants to create gap between Salim and Akbar, is happy for the engagement and to see Anarkali in the palace. But when Akbar grants her wish, Haider gets angry.

Salim Showers Coins On Anarkali

Salim angrily showers coins on Anarkali. She is shocked to see Salim so rude.

Salim Holds Anarkali's Hands

Salim fumes on Anarkali and utters harsh words. She will be called betrayer's daughter and a dancer.

Anarakali Attacks Back

Anarkali gets angry on Salim's rude words. She says it is because of him, she is in this condition. He had ordered his men to take her to brothel and make her dancer. Salim is silenced with her words and wonders who had taken advantage of his powers!

Jodha Sees Salim-Anarkali

Jodha sees Salim holding Anarkali's hand and is shocked. She wonders what has Salim to do with Anarkali!

Jodha Recalls Salim's Words

Jodha recalls Salim saying that he wasn't interested in marriage. He had also said that she should have asked him before making such announcements.

Will Jodha Get To Know About Salim-Anarkali

Akbar interrupts Jodha's thoughts. He says he is sorry for Anarkali and will give her justice.

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