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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Here's Why Subbu Might End Up With Simmi!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest episode had Subbu (Amit Tandon) getting attached to Simmi's daughter Ananya. While Toshi and others think he is interested in Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), the actual reason he has been dropping by at their place is for Ananya and not Ishita.

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Subbu would have lost his wife and daughter in a plane crash which would have left him devastated and alone. Though he has only been trying to seek forgiveness from Ishita for the pain he had caused her by dumping her after engagement, everyone around him think he is trying to get back to Ishita behind Raman's back.

Subbu meets Ananya when he comes to drop Ishita's phone and he feels a connection with her, perhaps which he lost because of the death of his own child. Now, seeing Ananya, he starts to get attached to her and starts to worry about her as well.

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Later, Subbu calls to check on Ananya's health and pretends to have called for Ishita. The next day he drops by at the Bhalla house to check on Ananya and yet again gives Ishita as an excuse.

In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita will be seen asking Subbu to stop visiting her place since people are starting to talk about them and that he can visit when Raman is back. Subbu will be expressing his affection towards Ananya in the upcoming episodes.

Does this mean, Subbu might end up marrying Simmi for Ananya's sake? Now that Param is back and threatening to take Ananya with him, there are chances that Subbu might step forward to help them out. When Ishita gets to know about Subbu's feeling towards Ananya, she might bring up the proposal herself. This is just a speculation and there is no guarantee this might happen on the show.

Subbu Drops By

Ishita would have forgotten her phone at the clinic and Subbu will drop by at her place to return it to her. He will be seen leaving as soon as he gave it to her.

Ananya Stops Him

Ananya, Simmi's daughter, will stop Subbu on his tracks. Seeing Ananya cry will make him spend some time with her. He will be seen getting attached to her soon.

Subbu Enquires About Ananya

Subbu enquires about Ananya's health with Simmi. He will ask her if she has a fever and even asks her to take care because of the flue that is making rounds.

Param Arrives

Param arrives at the Bhalla house as Shagun had asked him to do. He will come to the house to create trouble just for the sake of it. Romi and his father will try to stop him but he will barge ahead.

Ishita Threatens

It will be Ishita who will threaten him to call police and stops him from reaching Ananya. Param will be seen intimidating even Ishita stating that Raman is not around.

Simmi Worried

Simmi will later be seen getting worried that Param might actually take Ananya away from her. She will express she is scared of Param even now.

Ishita Consoles Her

Ishita will be seen consoling her saying Ananya will not be taken away from her and that she will do everything in her hands to stop that from happening.

Subbu's Nightmares

Subbu will be seen having nightmares in the middle of the night. He will wake up scared and palpitating and the first thing he does is to call to check on Ananya.

Subbu Checks On Ananya

Subbu calls to check on Ananya in the middle of the night. Toshi will be seen picking up the call and to avoid talking about Ananya, Subbu will ask for Ishita and get her thinking about it.

Subbu And Simmi

Though there is no basis for this, but there might be a chance that Subbu might end up marrying Simmi for Ananya's sake.

Bhalla House

The next day in Bhalla house, Toshi and others start to find Subbu dropping by yet again weird. Especially Toshi, who would have found it annoying he called in the middle of the night for Ishita.

Subbu Came For Ananya

Subbu would have dropped by to check on Ananya and not Ishita, But to avoid talking about it, he will ask to talk to Ishita and would just enquire about her with Simmi.

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