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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun To Kidnap Ruhi And Aditya To Hurt Ishita!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will be seen trying to kidnap her own children, Ruhi and Aditya, from their home so she can take them away to Australia. Ishita (Divyanka Taipathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) have no clue Shagun has been plotting this in their absence.

With Raman out of the country, Shagun and Ashok plan to cause maximum damage to Ishita and her family. They decide to utilise Param to keep the Bhalla family distracted while Shagun will manage to take away Ruhi and Aditya to Australia.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Here's Why Subbu Might End Up With Simmi!

Shagun, in the latest episode, has also managed to get her hands on the children's passport. To make this happen Shagun would have planted doubts in Param's mind about Simmi. Param, who falls for this will be seen threatening to take away Ananya since Simmi has found another man for herself.

In the upcoming episodes Ishita will be seen asking Subbu to stay away from her family just until Raman returns to avoid people like Param point fingers at them. Subbu too will agree to this and decides to stay away.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein upcoming track will have Shagun trying her best to separate Ruhi and Aditya from Ishita for revenge. But will she manage to do this? Will Ishita figure it out in time? Will Subbu help her in this crisis? Let's wait and watch.

Shagun To Poke Param

Shagun will be seen planting seeds of doubt in Param's mind. She will make him think that Simmi might be seeing other men now that he is out of her life.

Subbu And Simmi

Subbu meets Simmi at the hospital where he had come for Ananya's check-up. Subbu offers to help her out in handling Ananya.

Subbu Takes Simmi Out

Subbu will be seen taking Simmi out for a coffee. He would have done that to spend some time with Ananya. But Param would spot them together and also takes pictures of them.

Subbu Drops Simmi Home

Subbu will be seen dropping Simmi and Ananya home. He will explain to Ishita that he spotted them and thought of helping them out.

Param Arrives

As soon as Subbu leaves, Param arrives at the Bhalla house and makes accusations of Simmi seeing other men behind his back. He will even show them the picture he took of them in the restaurant.

Toshi, Ishita Worried

Toshi will be seen worrying about Simmi and the things Param was seen throwing at them. She will even question why Subbu has been visiting their place when Raman is not there.

Ishita Worried

Ishita will be seen worrying about everything that has been happening in their house and how to manage all of them. She will choose to not inform Raman about all this.

Raman Worried Too

Raman suspects something was wrong but will not be able to spot what the issue might be. Even when Ishita denies anything was wrong he will know there was something.

Simmi And Param's Divorce

Simmi will go to the lawyer to file for divorce against Param. The lawyer will take up the case but will warn them that it might get ugly since it involves a child's custody.

Shagun Sneaks In

Shagun makes sure no one was home and managed to sneak into the house to steal Aditya and Ruhi's passports. She will plan to take away the kids to Australia away from Ishita.

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