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    BB 11 Highlights: Bandgi-Puneesh’s Pool Romance; Akash Irks Vikas; Ben Wants Priyank To Confess…

    Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra SITTING on Puneesh Sharma's LAP | FilmiBeat

    BB Dino Park task has revealed real faces of many contestants! We have seen Akash humiliating Shilpa and Arshi and he continued to do the same in yesterday's episode as well. On the other hand, Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawala are seen getting closer with each passing day!

    Is this a survival strategy of Benafsha in the Bigg Boss 11 house? Read on what all happened in yesterday's episode...

    Ben Compares Her Boyfriend Varun With Priyank!

    Benafsha is seen asking Priyank to be bindaas and not to hide. She even compares him to her boyfriend Varun and tells as to how Priyank makes her feel comfortable!

    Ben Wants Priyank To Confess

    She goes on to say that she cannot stay without touching Priyank! She asks him to not be scared and confess his love. She hugs him by saying that they will talk about this the next day!

    Puneesh & Bandgi’s Bathroom Romance

    On the other hand, even though Puneesh is aware of the cameras around, he enters the bathroom with Bandgi! How desperate these guys are?


    The next day, Hiten and Arshi are seen discussing about Akash. Hiten tells Arshi that Akash is mad and is purposely troubling her and Shilpa. He adds that Akash is not a kid and is clever as he joined Arshi and Shilpa's haters' group to trouble them!

    Bandgi, Ben & Hina In Bikini; Arshi Looks Hot Sari!

    The contestants get ready for pool party. Bandgi, Benafsha and Hina are seen in their bikins, while Arshi enters in a pink sari.

    Hina Laughs At Arshi

    Vikas pushes Arshi, who almost drowns. Hina laughs seeing Arshi in sari and in such condition!

    Bandgi & Puneesh’s Pool Romance!

    Bandgi and Puneesh do not leave any chance to romance. They are seen closer in the pool. Puneesh holds Bandgi in his arms!

    Ben Gets Closer To Priyank!

    Meanwhile, Benfasha gets closer to Priyank, who is out of the pool. She asks Priyank to confess his feelings (for her)! But, Priyank plays safe and tries to divert the topic. Ben asks whether Priyank is like this (playing safe) in real life as well!


    Vikas is seen supporting Shilpa, who knows that Vikas is clever (faking his friendship with her) and playing his game.

    Captaincy Task

    The captaincy task is announced. Hiten is the sanchalak and the three contenders - Bandgi, Puneesh and Luv are given bowls filled with water. The contestant, whose bowl has more water till the end, will win the task.

    Luv Out Of Captaincy Task!

    Benafsha spills Luv's water and he gets angry. Luv had less water in the bowl and still felt he could win the game. Unfortunately, while talking to Hina and Sapna, he sat down (which is against the rule). Akash shouts at Luv saying he sat and is out of the game! Bandgi teases Luv that as soon as he saw Hina, he sat down!

    Bandgi Easily Wins Captaincy Task

    Priyank is impressed with Ben and tells that she played the game cleverly, this time! Akash spills Puneesh's water. Well, we must say, it became easy for Bandgi to win the captaincy task!

    Bandgi Sends Shilpa, Akash & Luv To The Jail

    Bigg Boss then asks contestants to decide the two worst performers of BB Dino Park task. The contestants choose Shilpa and Arshi. But then, Bigg Boss gives Bandgi a chance to save one contestant and send other two constants to jail. Bandgi chooses to save Arshi and sends Shilpa, Akash and Luv to the jail!

    Akash Goes Crazy!

    In the jail, Akash is seen acting crazily in front of camera. He is seen teasing Shilpa, who doesn't pay heed to him. Later when Vikas comes near the kalkotri, he goes mad!


    In the house, Vikas is seen discussing about Akash's disgusting behaviour with Puneesh and Bandgi. He tells them that Akash is jealous that Vikas became friends with Hiten, Shilpa and others.

    Akash Irks Vikas!

    Vikas also explains Bandgi and Puneesh as to how Akash threatened that if he goes mad he would make anyone takla or even shave off their eyebrows! Vikas is seen telling that if Akash crosses his limit, then he will not stop and beat him up.

    Bigg Boss 11 Extra Dose: What's Going On? Bandgi-Puneesh & Benafsha-Priyank Seem INSEPARABLE!

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