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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Spoiler: Ricky's Plan Backfire; Sita Gets Kidnapped!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gopi and Ahem's son Ramankanth aka Ricky is creating trouble in Gopi's life. He will be seen going against Kokila and Gopi, and worries the Modi family members. Jaggi punishes him every time to make him realise his mistake.

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Ricky's Plan Backfires; Sita Gets Kidnapped

In the upcoming episodes, Ricky tries to kidnap Sita. He gives roses to Sita, as soon as she smells the flower and faints. But, a few men hits on Ricky's head and kidnaps Sita.

Ricky Saves Sita!

Ricky will be shocked to see a few men kidnapping Sita. He follows them to save her. Somehow he manages to rescue Sita from the goons.

Who Kidnaps Sita?

Apparently, the goons will be sent by Sita's ex-fiancé. He wants to marry her and sends goons to kidnap Sita.

Sita Loves To Be With Ricky

Sita and Ricky run to save themselves from the goons. They enter jungle. Ricky holds Sita's hand, and Sita will be seen smiling as she loves being with Ricky.

Sita Falls In Love With Ricky

Ricky trolls Sita for smiling at such a horrible situation. Apparently Sita has fallen in love with Ricky. The viewers will get to see some romantic moments of Sita and Ricky in the upcoming episodes.

Jaggi & Gopi Search For Ricky & Sita

Kokila feels Ricky has kidnapped Sita, while Jaggi and Gopi along with the police reach the jungle in search of Sita and Ricky. They fail to find them. Gopi goes to temple to pray for them.

Ricky In Danger!

Meanwhile, Ricky will be bitten by poisonous snake. She takes him in a cart and shouts for help. Gopi hears Sita and will be shocked to see their condition!

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Ricky lies about Navratri muhurath. Jaggi and Gopi get to know about this and try to stop Kokila and others from having food.

Ricky tries to stop them, but Jaggi takes Gopi with him to the Modi house on time and succeeds in stopping the Modi family members from breaking the vrat!

Kokila will be extremely upset and angry with Ricky and shouts at him in her usual tone! On the other hand, Gopi cries as she couldn't fulfil her motherly duties.

Meanwhile, Ricky goes to the pub and will be seen flirting with a girl. While Gopi and Jaggi reach the pub in search of Ricky, he comes to the Modi house with a girl and shocks Kokila.

On the other hand, Gopi and Jaggi get to know that the police has found a dead body. Gopi will be surprised to see Ricky's belongings near the dead body and fears if Ricky is dead! Finally, she will get to know that Ricky is alive and thanks God!

Also, Ricky will try to get Jaggi arrested by complaining against him! What will Kokila and Gopi do now? Will Jaggi get arrested?

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