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Jagan Mohan on Hum Dono

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What is the status quo of the work done on the film?
The work is still going on. We have just finished colouring a small demo which we will be showing to the world during the announcement of the film. We want this to be the breaking news as something of this class is happening for the first time in Indian cinema. We are expecting to finish the work by the end of December.

What is the budget of the colorization of the film?
As this is the joint venture between us and Navketan films, budget is not really our issue of worry. We are colouring and releasing the movie and we have come to a consensus with Navketan about the budget.

What are the technical challenges faced while coloring this film?
There are 3 issues of concern. Firstly, we are showing 65,000 shades of colour in a single frame of the movie. Secondly, in India, there is no screen where we can show 35mm photo. Every screen has become wide screen. So, this movie had to be converted into cinemascope to be screened. So we are converting the film into cinemascope using an inhouse built technology of a company based outside India. Thirdly, we are converting the sound into Dolby 6.1. So in short, the sound is converted to 7-channel, the film is converted to cinemascope and it is being colourised. You would be surprised to see the film on a wide screen.

Will attempts like re-releasing old classics give the new age audience a feel of the golden era?
Yes, absolutely and that is what our aim is. We aim to reintroduce one of the greatest classics to the new generation who just refuse to watch anything that is black and white. That the classic is in colour will encourage them to watch the film.

B R Chopra's Naya Daur is also re-releasing in the coloured version. Will that be a competition to Hum Dono?
There is absolutely no competition for Hum Dono because of the technology used. Hum Dono is going to look much better than Naya Daur. I am praising the work because I am the head, but I am praising because India has actually not come across such well- made coloured remakes. You will believe what I am saying only after seeing the film.

Any other films which are in the process of being colored?
Yes, we have already signed 6 Telegu films and 3 Tamil films. We have already finished work on 10 minutes of a Kannada film. In India not many films have been coloured since the past 15 years. We aim to finish at least 12 movies in the coming 3 years which nobody has ever accomplished.

Are there any Hindi films in the pipeline?
Yes, there are. But we don't want to divulge any details as now we want to concentrate on Hum Dono or else we will get people's attention diverted and divided.

The story of Hum Dono

Captain Mahesh Anand and Major Manohar Verma (both played by Dev Anand) are look-alikes. So when Major Verma goes missing during war, he is believed to be dead. Mahesh now has to break the news to his family. Unfortunately, when Mahesh reaches Major Verma's place, he is mistaken to be Verma. The Major's mother and sick wife Ruma (Nanda) think that it is Manohar. Unable to tell the family the truth he takes the identity of Manohar. But Mahesh is in love with Meeta (Sadhana) who ends up thinking that he doesn't love her anymore. On the other hand Ruma thinks that her husband is in love with another woman. Mahesh cannot confide the truth to anyone and that forms the most interesting part of this film.


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