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An informal chat with Rajpal Yadav...

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Rajpal Yadav came from a small town of Uttar Pradesh and slowly but steadily made his way up the Bollywood ladder. The small wonder of the industry came to fame with films like Hungama, Malamaal Weekly and Chupke Chupke. His highly acclaimed films like Main, Mere Patni Aur Woh and Undertrial proved that he is not only a good comic actor but can also play serious roles with great ease. So here's chatting to the actor with a funny bone about his upcoming films and more.

kaloo_soni: How are u??
Rajpal Yadav: m very fine

kaloo_soni: Chup Chupke was so good because of you!!
Rajpal Yadav : your compliments sounds very good

kaloo_soni: Which languages do you speak??
Rajpal Yadav : I speak shudh Hindi

kaloo_soni: how is Govinda to work with?
Rajpal Yadav : Govinda is very nice to work with

Tasnim: what do you think of Shah Rukh?!
Rajpal Yadav : Shah Rukh is tremendous

Kareem: which is your next movie with Salman Khan?
Rajpal Yadav: Partner is with Salman

Sengh: Rajpal dont feel bad, but in all Priyadarshan movies, u always get beaten and sworen at, don't u feel insure about this?
Rajpal Yadav: why shoud I feel that way sengh I'm having fun

khanbhai48: Rajpal Bhai. I'm really looking forward to watch Undertrial
Rajpal Yadav: Aapne meri dil ki baat kehdi khanbhai

Shajgri-la: sir Aap real life main bhi aisi hi comic hain kya
Rajpal Yadav: real life main koshish kar rahan hoon ke serious dikhoon

Nicodemi: Tell us about your movie Partner rajpal bhai
Rajpal Yadav: partner is a fun film

ZEB : tell us about undertrial
Rajpal Yadav: undertrial is a real life story of an accused

Arnavrules: What are your next films which are coming out?
Rajpal Yadav : undertrila ke baad hello hum allan bol rahe hai, dhol,etc etc

Rajpalrulez : Mr. rajpal .. When can we see u make an appearance in Yash Raj Films?
Rajpal Yadav: I can't say anything bout that rajpalrulez

ZEB: is possible u cum in Pakistan 4 your films?
Rajpal Yadav: I want to come to Pakistan

Dollyji: Rajpal will you ever do Hollywood film, you are so talented
Rajpal Yadav: I will try my level best for Hollywood

Arnavrules: how was it working with John abraham
Rajpal Yadav: john is a cool dude

Sexy.Sam: rajpaj-ji have u taken formal training in acting?
Rajpal Yadav: I have training in acting for 5 yrs

Dollyji: rajpal what was your dream role last year which u missed ?
Rajpal Yadav : I missed being landga tyagi

Sexy.Sam: Do u work out?
Rajpal Yadav: I jog a lot

Arnavrules: Which in your opinion is your best role till date?
Rajpal Yadav: main meri patni aur woh was my best&now undertrial

kaloo_soni: when you come to Leicester please come and eat paan at my dukaan!!
Rajpal Yadav: lesta main paan milte hai?

Dollyji: could u relate to your role in Main Meri Patni aur Woh??
Rajpal Yadav: No I cannot relate to my role meri patni...

Dollyji: did u ever think of changing your name since its not very Bollywood type?
Rajpal Yadav: no never wanted to change my name

Binod: how do u like love in Nepal
Rajpal Yadav: love in Nepal was funny

Sexy.Sam: do u ever feel u want be tall?
Rajpal Yadav: no I dun want to be tall

Sexy.Sam : rajpalji aren't you sick of media people hounding u??
Rajpal Yadav: no not at all sick of media

Sengh: Do you play soorma bhopali in sholay?
Rajpal Yadav : I'm playing soorma bhopali in sholay.

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