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    Love Story 2050 : The Desi Star Wars

    Love Story 2050
    While 2007 was particularly crowded with fresh talent making quite some impression on the big screen (Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ranbir Kapoor, Darsheel Safary, Muzammil Ibrahim, Himesh Reshammiya), 2008 hasn't quite been impressive in a similar way. With the likes of Nikhil Dwivedi (My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves) and Anurag Sinha (Black&White) not quite enjoying a box office success, Bollywood still awaits a bona fide launch, which would give the industry a new blue-eyed boy.

    Well, if the first look of Love Story 2050 is any indication, Papa Harry Baweja certainly seems to be on just the right path to make this happen for beta Harman. The film's promo leaves you truly awed as you gasp for breath and look forward to catching it multiple times over you satiate your appetite. Simply put, 'Love Story' is just different and makes viewer witness something on the big screen which has never been made before in Indian cinema. What exactly are the highlights of Love Story 2050? Well, read on.

    It is 'Time Machine'

    One look at Love Story 2050 and you know that filmmaker Harry Baweja is making no pretensions in letting his audience know that it has it's germ lying in 'Time Machine', a classic sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells. The novel was about a scientist who built a time machine, which could take a human being into distant future.

    Baweja's film too has Boman Irani playing this scientist, with an added eccentricity to his character, who has given 15 years of his life to invent this dream machine. The opening shots of this teaser takes audience through a brilliantly designed lab where Boman is shown jubilating with his successful invention.

    The Travel Begins

    Cards are laid out in open at the very onset as instead of dwelling into 'ishq-vish-pyaar-vyaar' of the leads, the film's USP - time travel - is brought to fore. Even though Harman's face isn't shown till the very end of the promo, his presence is much more than just felt as he along with Priyanka Chopra, are shown to take a travel into the future. The year where this journey is targeted? Yes, you guessed it right - 2050!

    Mumbai Rocks

    It is one Mumbai which would make everyone live for 42 more years at the least! Baweja's vision of Mumbai leaves one speechless with Gateway of India getting a swanky new look and skyscrapers making Manhattan look small. The best part of the enterprise is that in spite of everything shown on screen being a result of special effects and computer graphics, you get a sense of 'reality' in the running. Baweja's Mumbai indeed rocks!

    But is everything Real?

    Though Mumbai appears like never before, the shots, which follow result in your mouth being left wide, open in disbelief. An array of, what appears to be robots, fill the frame while the sets, which appear, carry a surreal appeal. And if this wasn't enough there is more to come in the form of the best shots from the film. Cars flying in the air in the middle of swanky buildings which could not be lesser than 100 floors tall manage to give an altogether different dimension to Love Story 2050. Add to that, a night effect and you are sure that even Hollywood would find some comparison building up when it comes to futuristic fantasy flicks coming from India.

    Action Time for desis too

    With such a classy and out of the world (pun intended) treatment to the film, is there a reason for the audience from the interiors or the hardcore lovers of action-masala-commercial Bollywood to be disappointed? Not really! Because Baweja manages to incorporate in Love Story 2050 something, which never goes out of style i.e. high-speed car chase! With some deadly highway action in motion, it appears that Race has a worthy successor on its way when it comes to high adrenalin rides.

    But what about the Kids?

    'Arrey bhai, yeh masala movie hai! Aur isme action bhi hain, emotion bhi hai, drama bhi aur kuch bachcho ke liye bhi hai! ' In what appears to be the journey of Harman and Priyanka into past when they were young, there are kiddie shots as well with some XBox games forming a part of the action. Watch out for a simulated fight between Zeisha and Karan; kids would certainly be enthralled. To add to the fun, there is also a teddy bear, which clearly appears to be much more than just a toy!

    What about some Star Wars

    It would be a strong sense of deja vu for those who have been born and brought up on the Star War series, both on the small as well as big screens. With glimpses of Harman fighting his own version of Star Wars and alien looking characters making an appearance, it is time for some deadly action to unfold on the screen. The highlight of these sequences is the high definition computer graphics and designer sets, which indeed take you to a world, hitherto unexplored. Truly, Love Story 2050 starts taking a different dimension altogether with passage of a shot-a-second, which comes the audience's way.

    And then there was Love

    While the promo begins with the caption - 'When Love Is Eternal Even God Bends His Rules', it nears it's conclusion with Harman's voice making a simple but eternally meaningful declaration - 'Saccha pyaar sabse bada hota hai'. With an array of romantic/high voltage shots, which follow, a grand finale comes in the form of unveiling of Harman Baweja.

    The handsome young man stares confidently at screen with the entire team of Love Story 2005 making sure that his 'first look' turns out to be a worthwhile affair. Well, it truly turns out to be the case, as indicated by a parting caption on the screen - 'The Future Is Here'. Well, while saying so, we are sure that the makers of Love Story 2050 were talking about not just the concept of the film here but even the new blue-eyed boy - Harman Baweja!

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