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"I'd love to get married to a celebrity" - Trisha

By: By: Devansh Patel, <a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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Ok, treat this as the most important advice coming your way as far as 'dating' is concerned. The do's and don'ts. First the Do's - Compliment her looks, no matter what she's wearing. I didn't. Get to know more about her family and friends. I didn't, and for starters, sit alongside her to make her feel more special. I didn't. Now, the Don'ts - Never reveal your age. I did. Never talk about your previous 'dates'. I did, and never ever drink coffee alone. I did. Lesson learnt. It won't happen again. But all the above did. It did on a heavy rainy afternoon on my way to the Taj Lands End in Bandra. But before she gets more p****d off, let me introduce her to you. Ok, this might make her dreamy. Here it goes. To make matters worse, I went wet. Wet from the hundreds of droplets which kissed my denim and t-shirt. The dry angel was getting tough to survive amongst the wet devils. So I shut my eyes, and dreamt. Dreamt about Trisha Krishnan. The Southern comfort walking hand in hand with me on the bandstand pavement braving the most romantic and mystic rains of Mumbai. Suddenly a few more droplets fall on my eyelids and I open my eyes to face the reality. The reality - Trisha doesn't like the downpour. Well, there goes another 'don't. Don't dream on a 'date'. A quick spray of D&G, and I get ready to embark on a 'date' I was most looking forward to. The reason - It was a 'blind date'....all that and my eye sight comes to normal when I see a colourful, candid and a cupid like Trisha Krishnan in front of me. This special correspondent returns to what he does best - 'dates actresses'. Do not tax your mind beyond that!

Devansh Patel (DP): I am a serial dater, I hope you know that?
Trisha Krishnan (TK): (Laughs) Yea I know. You sent us some links to your previous 'date' stories. But I'll manage it, don't worry (laughs)

DP: So, can you recall your first date?
TK: Honestly, I don't believe in the concept of 'dating'.

DP: Are your parents going to read this 'date'?
TK: No, even if they do, it's fine. But 'dating' is a bit corny. I mean, this whole concept of 'let's meet up for a date' and all. A couple has to meet up and it just happens. You don't make it happen.

DP: But recall your first instance anyway.
TK: I think it was with my very dear friend (after a pause) and it was a guy (laughs). He had invited me home and he cooked for me. I thought that was quite cute.

DP: What did he cook for you?
TK: Let me recall that for you.

DP: Let me guess; was it anything 'corny'?
TK: (Laughs). No. It was something yummy. It was continental and by the end of the day, we were about five to six people hanging out. So it wasn't a 'date' kind of a thing.

DP: You're the first actress who doesn't believe in the 'dating' concept. It's strange.
TK: No, it's funny.

DP: If I am interested in you, how do we begin our date?
TK: By not calling it a 'date'. 'Let's just hang out' is better. You tend to go conscious when you go out on a date.

DP: So, what sort of questions are you assuming I would be asking you today as we both are hanging out inside your private suite in Taj Lands?
TK: Nothing...Right now I feel you are looking scandalous. So what do I expect (laughs). I thought this will be some random interview but I'm getting into the feel of it already. I'm sure it'll be fun.

DP: Do not get too excited. I mean, if this wasn't your hotel room, where would we go and who would take the initiative?
TK: You would take the initiative. I don't. I am a bit old fashioned that way.

DP: I was too. I just shaved my moustaches today. Do you have a thing for men with moustaches?
TK: Not that I have anything against moustaches but stubble would work. It's not South Indian.

DP: What works for you Trisha?
TK: You mean when it comes to men?

DP: Of course yes (laughs)
TK: I always like when men play a little hard to get things. Your preconceived notion about someone just disappears when you meet that person in flesh. I like men who are a little less approachable.

DP: Which means 'tu bahut bhaav khati hain' (trying to get too much attention)
DP: Anyway, I liked your Maxim cover but told my friend that you didn't look too hot.
TK: We don't do shoots like the Maxim in the South.

DP: Why? Is it a bad omen?
TK: Photo opportunities don't really happen down South. Even for a film, we do not promote it like how we promote it in India. We do not give ten days off to market the film. Bollywood is very new to me.

DP: You have lovely brown eyes.
TK: I'm wearing lenses (laughs)

DP: Oops. See, that's what I am talking about. So how does this work in the South?
TK: Like what?

DP: Like if I had to come to your house and tell your parents that I wanted to take you out for a stroll. Is that easy?
TK: Who asks parents these days anyway?

DP: I'd do. I am an old school guy when it comes to these things.
TK: That's really sweet.

DP: I'd even sit with your father and have a few drinks.
TK: It's not that the South is conservative. There is a certain section of the population who believe in going out and doing things their way. It's changing now.

DP: So, you like 'date' movies?
TK: Not really. I like chic flicks a lot. When I'm having a low day, it really works.

DP: Are you having one already Trisha?
TK: (laughs) No.

DP: Why don't you have coffee?
TK: No thanks but I just had lunch before you walked in.

DP: Oh no. I missed the opportunity to cook for you then.
TK: I think men who cook are very sexy.

DP: That defines me as 'sexy' then. Ok, let's go home.
TK: But most women would say that. By the way, I just turned vegetarian five days back.

DP: I wish I could barge in the Taj kitchen and cook some delicacies for you tonight.
TK: Continental would do just fine (laughs).

DP: Ok, how about this. How about a 'Gujarati thali'. Would that work for you?
TK: Oh, I love gujju food. I had a Gujarati friend in school and we used to go to her house only to eat. It was awesome. I love the 'kadhi' and the fact that the food has got a sweet touch to it.

TK: And if you are a gujju, you must be a vegetarian too, right?
DP: Not exactly.

TK: Which makes you a converted gujju then.
DP: No, I am not. I am a pukka gujju. I am a Patel and I eat meat.
TK: You will be my new best friend if you cook Gujarati food for me (laughs).

DP: Look at the rains outside. I would love to go out on the Marine Drive with you in the rains.
TK: I hate the monsoons, and I have a reason for it. I did a film called Varsham in Telugu. It took almost nine to ten months to make the film and out of those days, hundred days were shot in rain.

DP: If you'd want to hang out with Surya, Vikram, Akshay or me, what would be your pick?
TK: It would be Vikram because he is a dear friend. I've done two films with him and I love talking to him. I am very comfortable with him.

DP: Would you hang around with a celebrity and then get married to him?
TK: I'd love to get married to a celebrity. I rather hang out with a celebrity and then get married to him as we both come from the same fraternity and can talk at ease.

At this point in time, my black coffee arrives and Trisha picks up her glass of water to join me for a big 'Cheers' to our 'hanging out' together on a wonderful day filled with talks ranging from moustaches to Maxim cover to girly films and gujju food. And what about the most romantic monsoon of Mumbai which we both are a witness to outside her huge suite window? Well, Trisha doesn't find it too romantic.

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