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Slap Scene Of ADHM Gone Wrong! Anushka Sharma Reveals The Entire Incident & We Feel Bad For Ranbir!

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Ranbir & Anushka are leaving no stones unturned to promote their film on every possible platform. Their upcoming film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has already got the green signal from the MNS party and the film is all set to lock horns with Ajay Devgn's Shivaay on October 28, 2016.

The best part of any film promotion is the inside stories that actors share about their co-stars. Similarly, you must have heard about Anushka Sharma's slap scene with Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, in which Anushka slapped Ranbir really hard leaving RK red-faced. In her exclusive interview with DNA, Anushka opened up about the entire incident and revealed how it happened!

Anushka’s Revelation About the Slap Scene

Anushka told DNA, "So you know how scenes are shot, right? You shoot one actor first and then the other. So, they shot Ranbir first and told me to slap him for real. I slapped him. This scene is very long. So it starts and we are sitting in one place talking and then one slap happens. When they were shooting my part after his, they told me, ‘Don't slap him for real.' But I got so lost in the scene that I forgot about it - it happens a lot when I'm shooting my scenes."

‘Ranbir Was Doing Nakhra’

She added, "That's a good thing but in this case, it didn't turn out to be such a favourable thing. I forgot he asked me not to slap him and I ended up giving one on his face. As soon as I slapped him, I was like, ‘Oh shit!' And he was like, ‘Why are you slapping me for real?' I told him, ‘I already slapped you so many times during the takes, why would I deliberately want to slap you again?' (Laughs) But I think he was doing some nakhra, pretending to be angry!"

Anushka Says She Isn’t Practical About Love

"Never! I am very practical about love. I don't even fall for anybody if I don't feel it. Firstly, I don't understand if and when somebody has a crush on me or when somebody likes me. I, for sure, don't know if someone's flirting with me. I have no idea."

Boys Are Scared To Flirt With Anushka

"I'm also not very approachable as a person in that sense because I know that boys are scared to flirt with me. I know that because they have told me that. Even if someone likes me, they have to kind of really tell me that they like me for me to get it. Otherwise I don't take things for granted and all. I don't have that radar in me."

Anushka Didn’t Have Any Crush In School

"And anytime if there's been an understanding of someone's feelings towards me, it's only because that person has expressed it explicitly (Laughs). I don't fall in love easily. I don't have crushes and I remember not having crushes in school," told Anushka to DNA.

Anushka On How To Deal With Break-up

"I think people should, no? I think our lyrics are damn funny (Bursts out laughing) Dil pe patthar rakh ke muh pe make up kar liya. It's like ‘Oh I'm so sad, but I'm still doing make-up and going out'," told Anushka.

‘You’ve To Go On’

"I think the song is about making an effort to get over somebody. That's something everybody should do. You cannot wallow in self-pity and be like, ‘Oh, I am heartbroken!' (Makes a crying face). You have to go on. And the practical person that I am, I think you should be dancing and getting over it and moving on in life."

In the same interview, when Anushka was asked, who does she think deals with break-ups better? Men or women? Here's what she told:

"I think women deal with it instantly. In the sense that when there is a break up, women react, they go through the pain, sadness and everything. Because that's how women are wired. Boys have a tendency to not recognise their emotions."

"They don't get their emotions and their feelings and they don't think deeply about things. Women look into everything so intricately that they will get into it and right after a break-up, they are a mess, while the boys don't even realise it. It hits boys much later and hits them very hard. I believe it happens in different stages for the genders."

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