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Malayalam Movies That Dealt With The Issues Of Unemployment!

Posted By: Abhijith
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If we take a close look at some of the Malayalam movies of the past, it could be found that most of them did deal with one or the other social issues.

One such issue that has surfaced predominantly in our films is unemployment. Take a look at some of the Malayalam movies that dealt with the issues of unemployment.

Nadodikkattu (1987)

Sathyan Anthikkadu and Sreenivasan moulded this film that looked deeply into the issues of unemployment. Dasan and Vijayan out of which the former is a graduate, finds it hard to land up with any job. The film which has been narrated with a humour touch did address the issues of unemployment.

Ramji Rao Speaking (1989)

One of the films that best addressed the issues faced by youth of those days. The character of Balakrishnan (Saikumar) and Gopalakrishnan(Mukesh) were representatives of the jobless youth of those days.

Gandhinagar 2nd Street (1986)

Another film from the team of Nadodikkattu which dealt with the issues of unemployment. Due to crisis, the protagonist of the film played by Mohanlal, takes up the job of a Gorkha under a false name.

T P Balagoaplan M.A. (1986)

The film had Mohanlal in the lead role of a post-graduate who takes care of a big family. At certain portions, the film did take a look at the issues of unemployment.

Karunyam (1997)

Karunyam was more about the relationship of a father and a son. But, the issues of the protagonist of not having a good job did take a centre stage most of the times. The film directed by Lohithadas had some soul-stirring moments.

Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottaam (1986)

The film had a different theme indeed. It narrated the story of a guy named Divakaran(Mohanlal) who takes up the job of a teacher by producing fake certificates. It was an indirect take on the lack of job opportunities in the society.

Chandralekha (1997)

Many would like to see Chandralekha as an out-and-out comedy entertainer. Beneath that, the film addressed the issues of an unemployed guy named Appukuttan, who is struggling to pay the debts of his family.

Malayogam (1990)

The film directed by Sibi Malayil had touched the issues of unemployment. The main characters Rameshan and Jose, played by Jayaram and Mukesh respectively, are educated youth who are in search of jobs. Finally, after many number of failed attempts, they decide to take up the business of marriage brokerage.

Well, most of the films in this list have went on to attain a cult-classic status. The best part is the fact that most of these films have done well at the box-office.

Directors like Sathyan Anthikkadu, Siddique-Lal, Sibi Malayil etc did address the issues of enemployment in most of their movies. In fact, it is the combination of Sreenivasan and Sathyan Anthikkad which gave us some evergreen classics.

Films like Nadodikkattu and Ramji Rao Speaking, dealt with such issues in the best possible ways. These films despite being entertainers, had some important social issues to talk about.

Of late, films dealing with the issues of unemployment are much lesser in number. Recently released Pathemari, narrated the story of gulf expatriates who had to move to the middle east in search of greener pastures.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan's upcoming film Pinneyum has Dileep in the lead role. According to the initial reports, Dileep plays the role of a family man named Purushothamman, who is unemployed and is in search of a job.

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