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      Top 5 Reasons Why Lingaa Will Be A Massive Box Office Hit

      By Avinash

      With Rajinikanth's movie Lingaa all set to enter a record 5000 screens worldwide, its fever is fast catching up among fans as well as celebrities. No other Tamil movie in the past has managed to stir up excitement like Lingaa and it is highly unlikely for any other movie to achieve this feat in the future as well.

      Having said that, Rajinikanth alone might be able to accomplish or even surpass the above mentioned feat in the future. But for now lets focus on the most anticipated movie that will hit theatres all across the globe from December 12th 2014.

      Some big bucks are riding on this movie and its distributors would be dearly hoping for this magnum opus to go on and break all box office records that has been set by Tamil movies in the past. We believe the distributors' wish might turn true as there are more than good chances for the movie to become a massive box-office hit. The 5 following reasons will justify our statement.

      Reason 1: Lingaa is set for a massive opening

      This reason doesn't need any research as everyone knows that Lingaa will enjoy the biggest opening for any Tamil cinema. It will also be released in 3 languages which will make sure it gets a pan-India appeal.With the number of screens that will showcase the movie all over the world, Lingaa surely will enjoy a massive opening in its first weekend at the box office. With the level of expectations the movie has created, don't be surprised if the film breaks a few box office records within a week's time.

      Reason 2: History Might Repeat Itself

      Remember Muthu and Padayappa? Yes, both these movies ruled the box office at its time and the history is likely to repeat itself. The combination of AR Rahman, KS Ravikumar and Rajinikanth has worked like charm twice in the past and there are no reasons why it will not work for the third time. It is also safe to say that this time around it might work in a better way as Padayappa broke Muthu's box office record in the past and hence Lingaa might go on to break Padayappa's impressive record.

      Reason 3: The Rajinikanth factor

      This reason hardly needs an explanation as Rajinikanth has the biggest market in Tamil cinema. Add to that his ocean like fan base and you will realize that the movie is highly unlikely to become a box office dud. Rajinikanth definitely would be one of the prime reasons if and when Lingaa goes on to put a big smile on its producer's face by keeping the cash registers ringing for a very long time.

      Reason 4: controversy surrounding the story

      This might be a strange reason but the reality is, all those controversies surrounding the movie might be its biggest blessing in disguise. With almost everyone claiming the ownership of the movie's story, people might swoop in to the theatres to find out what the story actually is and thereby boosting Lingaa's chance to accumulate more and more money at the box office.

      Reason 5: The movie is set across different time periods

      The fact that the movie is set across different time periods puts Lingaa in a special league. Not many movies have used this formula, but those movies which have used it for instance, Indian and Madrasapattinam have tasted success. Since Lingaa is one such movie, it also opens up opportunity for Rajinikanth to sport different looks which is an added advantage.

      <strong>10 Things To Look Out For In Rajinikanth's Lingaa</strong>10 Things To Look Out For In Rajinikanth's Lingaa

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