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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – July 31 Serial Update

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In last night's episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) is sitting in her room and crying bitterly. She is unable to accept that Ram (Ram Kapoor) married her sister Ayesha. She recalls an incident when Ayesha told her once that she didn't mind marrying Ram even though he is much older to her since he is very rich. She thinks about all the past days and finally Ayesha's statement in the court.

Just then Peehu walks in and asks Priya the reason for her crying. Priya says that she's missing her parents and Peehu suggests her to call her parents who are in India. When Priya calls on her landline, her father Sudhir answers but Priya immediately hangs up. On Peehu's insisttence, Priya calls again, but hangs up again. When she calls for the third time, Priya speaks over the phone and starts crying and apologising to her father for not trying to get in touch with them for so many years. Soon, we realise that Priya did not speak to her father as she had her fingers on the 'mute' button.

Back in India, Neha is busy checking her children's social networking sites on the internet. When questioned by Vikram, she tells him that she doubts that Rahul has a girlfriend. Vikram shrugs her off and says that these days it's normal to have a relationship.

The next morning, Peehu get ready to go to school and scolds Priya for sleeping in her party dress. Priya tells Peehu that she will not go to shop today. Peehu tells Priya that she won;t go to school either and will spend the whole day with her. She even prepares breakfast for her mom and tries hard to cheer Priya's mood.

While walking in the mall, Rajat notices that Priya's mall is closed and wonders what happened since in the past five years, she never closed her shop. When he calls Daijaan to find out why Priya would have closed the shop, Daijaan replies that everybody needs a break unlike him who is a workaholic.

Priya is still wondering why Ram married Ayesha and is unable to accept the fact that Ram has moved on in life. She then explains to herself that if Ram has married Ayesha, he would have thought of everything because he was never the one to forget Priya and move on.

Just then Kady comes in. Priya tells her that she will have to close down the shop as she will not be able to collect the money to give to Rajat. Kady and the shop will close no matter what. Kady is surprised to see Priya so disappointed. Priya asks Kady to leave. Kady asks for the keys of the shop as Rajat will be very angry if he finds out that the shop is closed.

After Kady leaves, Priya keeps thinking about how all her plans of uniting the father and daughter got messed up. She then picks up her picture with Peehu and promises to herself that she will live only for the sake of Peehu. She wipes away her tears and smiles positively looking at the picture.

Watch out for this space for further updates on the serial Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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