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Qubool Hai: Tanveer almost kills Zoya, but Asad reaches her on time

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai, even after Asad finds Zoya, he is not in a position to reach her. And even in an orphanage, Zoya has not escaped the clutches of Tanveer.

After Asad (Karan Singh Grover) comes to know that Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) is staying in the orphanage, he tries to talk to her, but is not allowed. At the same time, Zoya too sees Asad outside the orphanage. Though she sees him and wants to talk to him, she restrains herself. She also asks the people at the orphanage not to allow anybody know about her presence.

Asad separated from his love is as distraught as Zoya is at the orphanage. Dilshad also sees how disturbed Asad is. Tanveer, however, is disturbed about this change in Asad. She guesses it must be something to do with Zoya.

The next day Asad writes a cheque for the orphanage, which triggers Tanveer to do something about this. She goes to the orphanage and strangles Zoya.

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Tanveer Tries To Kill Zoya

Tanveer strangles Zoya and when she is unconscious, she cements a wall around her. She leaves Zoya in this state and walks off.

Asad After Seeing Zoya In Orphanage

Asad, after seeing Zoya at the orphanage, is distraught. Dilshad too notices this. It is after this when Asad writes a cheque for the orphanage that Tanveer realises Zoya is at this particular orphanage.

Asad Saves Zoya

The next day when Asad goes to the orphanage to check if they received his donation, though the main intention was to check on Zoya, he does not find her there and starts to leave. On his way out he passes this wall where he hears muffled voice of someone struggling to breath. And when he realises it's Zoya, he breaks the wall instantly. And he saves Zoya from near death.

Asad Comes Back The Next Day

Asad comes back the next day to the orphanage to find Zoya's absence. He is given a letter from Zoya.

What Happened Previously

Asad while passing by an orphanage sees Zoya saving this small girl accidentally. He would have been separated from Zoya for about a month.

Zoya And Asad

Zoya and Asad after the unfortunate incident (where Zoya sees Asad in bed with Tanveer) both are equally shattered and equally lost in their own distraught worlds.

Zoya In Orphanage

Zoya in the orphanage is spending her time serving the unfortunate. Asad, who is lost in his guilt stricken world, was hurting and trying to reach out for Zoya.

Zoya Leaves Asad Again

Zoya leaves Asad again. After Asad saves Zoya from being buried alive, Zoya leaves the orphanage after writing a letter to him.

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