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Jodha Akbar: 6th May; Jalal Respects Shivani's Love

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Jodha Akbar 6th May written episode: Maha Manga visits the secret fort and alerts the guards that some other people have come to know about the place. She talks to her captive and says that this is the last pawn she can use, to win the power.

King Bharmal and other Rajbanshis regret the deeds of Sujhamal and Shivani. Jodha defends both. She says that Shivani has been able to ignore the royal glamour and material pleasures, as she was empowered by love. And Sujhamal entered Agra in the guise of a eunuch, only to keep his word.

Jodha Akbar

Rukaiya bursts on Maha Manga for involving her in the plot of blaming Jodha. She slams her for cooking up a love relationship between a brother and a sister. Maha Mang becomes defiant. She says that whatever she has done it was meant for the good of Rukaiya also. Rukaiya differs from her. Maha manga tells her that as Akbar has broken his relationship with her, he has also become distant from Rukaiya, as he is occupied by the thought of Jodha.

Shivani and Tejwant are caught by Akbar’s men. They are taken to the court. Everyone becomes frightened thinking what would happen to them, as Akbar is much disturbed in this time.

Akbar gives chances to Tejawant and Shivani to defend themselves. They claim that they have done no crime, because it is not a crime to love someone. Rather they have saved Mirza from being cheated. Tejwant explains that they had to flee as their relationship would never be supported, if they admitted it honestly.

Akbar agrees with Shivani and Tejwant and sets them free. He remembers Mirza’s words, who told him that love never discriminates. Love can only be justified by love. He gives a post to Tejwant, as he is adept in wall art.

Shivani thanks Akbar for giving respect to love. Akbar regrets in his mind that he did not realize it earlier!

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