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Bigg Boss 8: Top 15 Controversies Of Top 5 Contestants – Karishma, Dimpy, Ali, Gautam, Preetam

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It is well known that Bigg Boss and controversies are like two sides of the same coin. Every season has one or the other twist as it involves a bunch of inmates fighting for a task and everyone wants to win! This show, Bigg Boss 8 is no different as there were many fights and few link ups too that raised the TRP. It won't be wrong if we say, that it is these controversies or fights that make audience watch the show.

As the reality show, Bigg Boss Halla Bol has almost come to an end and the finale is nearing, which is on 31st January. Here are some major controversies of the top five contestants - Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Mahajan, Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza and Preetam Singh in the show.

Every contestant has worked hard to come till the end. They have created such controversies that had got them in limelight and will be remembered forever. From Karishma Tanna's affair with Upen Patel, Dimpy's unnecessary sobbing, Gautam-Diandra Soares affair and his lip-lock with Ali Quli Mirza to Preetam Pyare fights with Dimpy, there has been many controversies that we would remember Bigg Boss 8 for.

Let us have a look at three such major controversies of each contestants that have kept the audience hooked and TRP of the reality show on top.

Karishma Being Dumb!

While testing General Knowledge of Bigg Boss contestents Salman Khan had asked Karishma who is the President of India! For which our controversial queen Karishma replied Narendra Modi.

Salman Walks Out Because Of Karishma

During Weekend Ka Vaar, Karishma cried and took Salman's joke, which was about her and Preetam, seriously. Salman got irritated and walked out of the stage saying he cannot take the 'rona dhona' any more. When Karishma told it was not the joke that made her angry, but she was not in good mood to take it, Salman said, "The show does not run depending on her mood."

Karishma-Upen Affair

The show got interesting because of this pair. Even Farah Khan named these love birds - UpMa. Upen proposed Karishma and had even promised to take her abroad. Karishma broke up with her real boyfriend - Rushabh Choksi because of her in-house affair!

Gautam-Karishma Fight

During a task, Gautam was seen abusing Karishma, where she applied chilli powder on Gautam's face, so as to make him get up from chairs. When Gautam saw her laughing, he couldn't resist the pain and lost his cool.

Gautam-Diandra Kiss

Gautam and Diandra were seen spending a lot of time together. Gautam and Diandra were seen hugging and holding hands, and this couple had moved to a level higher to gift kisses on the show! Diandra pulled Gautam to bathroom and gifted him a kissed on his birthday.

Gautam’s Flirty Nature

Not only Diandra, he was almost seen flirting with every girl in the house. He was seen flirting with Mahek Chahal, Karishma and Sonali Raut. Not only this, his kiss image with his girlfriend went viral outside the house.

Karishma-Dimpy Fight

Dimpy was seen upset with her good friend Karishma, when she passed loose comments on her ex Rahul Mahajan. She even claimed that Karishma snapped at Rahul only after Upen entered house.

Dimpy-Sana Fight

Dimpy Mahajan and Sana Khan got into an argument when Rahul Mahajan beats Karishma Tanna during a task. She felt it was unfair on Rahul to fight a female, but Sana thought otherwise.

Sambavana Slaps Dimpy

Sambhavana and Dimpy had argument over nominations. Dimpy had problem with Sambavana, as she saved Karishma and not her. Later during the task, Sambavana lost her cool and slapped Dimpy when Sambavana was disturbed and lost the task.

Ali-Gautam Kiss

Ali asked Gautam for a kiss and though it was obvious that they were having fun, Gautam looked worried when Ali moved closer to him.

Sonali Slaps Ali

Sonali gets angry when Ali misbehaved with her. She slaps him when she hears from Puneet that he had passed inappropriate comment about her. There were also rumours that Ali had charged bomb for getting slapped!

Ali Quli Mirza Tries To Leave BB House

Ali asked Bigg Boss to open the door after the slap incident. He tried to climb out to leave as he could not take the insult that he was slapped by Sonali.

Puneet-Pritam fight

During a luxury budget task, Karishma and Dimpy get into argument. Trying to stop Dimpy, Pritam get into verbal spat. Seeing this, Puneet asks Pritam to behave properly with girls. Pritam thinks that Puneet abused him and gets upset.

Pritam-Dimpy Fight

In the immunity task, Karishma objected the usage of cushion but Praneet continued to help Pritam. A fight erupted when unnecessarily Dimpy provoked Pritam to get up from the cushion. She got hurt when Pritam got angry and shoved Dimpy away. None supported Dimpy, this made her taunt Pritam.

Dimpy Calls Pritam Namard

During the hijack task, Karishma, Pritam and Gautam, are seen sitting on ‘chair of immunity'. Karishma is seen complaining on Pritam and Dimpy pokes him with finger, which doesn't go well with him. Pritam holds Dimpy's hand and asks her not to get physical and start arguing. Pritam tells Praneet and Sonali that all chaos are because of Dimpy, which she overhears and calls him Namard. After which, Pritam denies to go on with the task.

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