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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Declares War On Iran

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Jodha Akbar April 16th episode: Due to Salima’s timely alertness Rukaiya is narrowly saved from wearing the poisoned shawl. The woman who carried the shawl is caught and Akbar reaches Khwaja Moin. The culprit is killed by Akbar.

Salim comes to Jodha to ask about her health; he looks really worried for her. Akbar comes back and narrates that Khwaja Moin planned the attack firstly to avenge his son’s death and secondly to support the views of Shah-E-Iran.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Declares War On Iran

Akbar gets a message from a king, who wants to break the match of his son with Akbar’s daughter, as he does not want to irk the King of Iran. Akbar feels insulted. He thinks now it is time to declare war on Iran.

Akbar prepares his force for war and gives the leadership to his three sons, Salim, Murad and Daniyal. He tells Jodha that just like a game, a war can bring the brothers close to each other as it is a teamwork.

Hamida cannot agree with Akbar. She thinks that she must stop the war anyhow. She meets the ambassadors of Iran and says that she remembers Iran’s friendship with the Mughal state and she will talk with Akbar.

Hamida tells Akbar that it is a foolish decision to go to war against Iran. Akbar says that Shah-e-Iran has insulted his Queen and his values. Queen Jodha’s life has been targeted and his daughter’s match has been broken. Moreover, a person cannot accept Islam without true love and respect for the religion; so, the King of Iran has also insulted Islam. Now the arrogant and narrow-minded ruler cannot be spared, says Akbar!

Hamida thinks she would try another way out to stop the war!

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